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Hallmark Event Question one When the Roswell UFO festival was announced, it was clear according to some individuals that it will be able to boast the net revenues of the tourism industry. Additionally, there have also been some articles that have been written about the fact that Roswell UFO festival


EVENT MANAGEMENT Stakeholder analysis is one of the most crucial aspects of events management. It is imperative to note that the main stakeholders are the primary contacts or people who are required to run an event successfully. There are different types of stakeholders depending on the type of an event


Event Management Stakeholder Analysis Introduction Events contribute largely to the social and economic developments of any society. However, the benefits can only be realized if the events are organized with a proper emphasis on the importance of the interaction between the proposers’ and the event stakeholders. Stakeholders refer to any

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2MEGA AND HALLMARK EVENTS MEGA AND HALLMARK EVENTS Mega and Hallmark Events It is critical to understand the importance of mega events and hallmark events in tourism. Hallmark event often needs a relationship between even inseparably and the destination. On the other hand, the mega event needs a bid that


9EVENT MANAGEMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT EVENT MANAGEMENT Introduction Event management involves a complex system of activities that vary depending on the size of it. According to Jones (2014, p. 1), the process becomes better managed through the employment of the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA). SEA provides a viable plan to achieve

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“Australian Open” Tennis Championship Analysis Introduction As event managers we take the time to analyse a remarkable event that is host in Australia (Melbourne, VIC to be more specific) during January, the Australian Open. One of the most famous events in the state of Victoria, with an incredible success increasing