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Advantages and disadvantages of Television to children

17th May, 2010 Introduction Advantages There are various advantages of the exposure of TV to the children Disadvantages These are the negatives effects of exposing the children to the TV Conclusion Introduction Television has become one of the ways through which people can get information. It is mostly used since

The major cause of overweight and obese adolescents is the increase in screen-time. Do you agree? Consider both sides and argue a position.

Health issues 4 OVERWEIGHT IN CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS ASSOCIATED WITH TV VIEWING Customer Inserts His/her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 29/03/ 2011 Introduction The problem of obesity affects many youths globally, this essay will explore the causes of obesity in adolescents especially when it is associated

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Influence of TV advertising on Children

Child Care 6 THE INFLUENCE OF TV ADVERTISING ON CHILDREN INTRODUCTION The invention of the TV is one of man’s most important steps in enabling him to reach out to the world at large in an easier way. Different happenings and occurrences across the globe can be watched by man

Fetch TV strategies, strategic issue and recommendations

Fetch TV 13 FETCH TV STRATEGIES, STRATEGIC ISSUES AND RECOMMENDATIONS Fetch TV Strategies, strategic Issues and Recommendations The 21st century has brought a dawn to technological expertise and improvement of existing technology that has made life easier for some, as it has brought with it convenience in terms of entertainment

Audience theory

Audiеnсе thеоry Submission Deadline: In the media, the use and gratification (U & G) theory has put the function of linking media choice and need gratifications on the side of the audiences (Blumler and Katz, 1974). U & G theory have suggested that people have been found to need influence


Introduction Reality Television advertising is basically the practice of advertising products by placing them within movies and TV programs, which act as mediums of carrying brands of products services and even organizations within the context of entertainment programming (Jason, 2005). On the other hand, advergaming is the mirror side of