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Using Internet research, review the involvement of former Harvard law professor, and now Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). What was Warren’s involvement in the government response to the collapse of the financial markets? She headed the congregational panel overseeing the $700 billion bailouts. Warren

The debate for restriction of some TV programs has been there for long and is likely to continue in the future. This is because the TV has power to influence the behavior of members of society with several implications as a result of this. What is clear is that society cannot sit back and do nothing gas young people continue to go astray due to negative influence caused by TV programs.

Should there be stricter controls on what is shown on TV? There has been a heated debate concerning enforcing regulations on what is shown on the television. This is based on the belief that television stations have significant influence over our lives (BBC, 25 February 2010). This has therefore resulted

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11DEPENDENCY ON SCREEN TECHNOLOGY DEPENDENCY ON SCREEN TECHNOLOGY Dependency on Screen Technology Introduction A screen technology such as touchscreen is an electronic visual display capable of detecting the location as well as the presence of a touch in the area of the display. Generally, touchscreen connotes a device display operated