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Swissotel Sydney-Physical Evidence

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Situated in the heart of Australia’s most renowned city, Sydney, Swissotel Sydney Hotel has been considered as one of the top five-star hotels in Australia. The hotel targets both family and individual set of customers who would want to secure a place to stay for several nights while they are visiting Sydney or going about their activities. Given the fact that it is a luxury hotel, Swissotel Sydney targets high-end customers who would stop at nothing to get quality services. This is the reason the hotel was built near Sydney’s most exclusive shopping centres, which include the attractive Queen Victoria Building as well as the iconic Westfield Sydney. Tourist likes the hotel because of its proximity to all of Sydney’s renowned landmarks as well as cultural attractions such as the beautiful Botanic Gardens, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera. Being an organisation that offers services, it would be important to analyse the hotel’s physical evidence to ascertain how the various physical evidence influence the client’s service expectations. Thus, upon analysing the hotel’s physical evidence, the paper will delineate whether the entire physical evidence somewhat overpromises or under promises the capacity it can deliver.

Physical Evidence of Swissotel


As Bitner, Ostrom and Morgan (2008) notes, the location of service-oriented firms such as a hotel play a significant role as far as far as the customer’s perception regarding a hotel’s service quality is concerned. It is believed that a hotel that is located in high-end shopping centre naturally offers the best services. For instance, a customer would prefer a hotel that is at the seaside as he or she believes the hotel’s priority would be the client’s needs hence provide the best services available. Equally, Swissotel Sydney is located in one of Sydney’s most iconic department stores. The hotel is also centrally positioned in the most prime tourist attraction locations in Sydney thus the customer is assured of an exquisite view and serenity while enjoying the hotel’s services.

With a valet parking offered 24/7 and a spacious parking lot, the customer is assured of his or her cars’ security. Once the car is parked, there is always a staff standby, who is charged with checking the basic mechanical condition of the car such oil checking and tire condition for free. More often than, most parking lot in five-star hotels are usually jammed during peak hours and as such, the valet services offered by Swissotel reliefs off the customer the hassles associated with parking and getting the car out of the parking lot. One fascinating element about the valets is their etiquette and polite manner in which they handle customers. Once a customer has entered the hotel’s main entrance he or she is directed to the hotel’s main door, and the car’s door is opened for the customer, who is then escorted to the reception. The valet also plays a significant role when the client is leaving the hotel as he often brings the car up to the hotel’s main door and opens it for the customer and slowly closes it as he salutes the vehicle off. This service at the parking lot indeed gives the customer a sense of satisfaction and often forms a positive perception with regard to what the hotel has to offer.


It has often been argued that the hotel’s reception is often the face of the organisation and as such, the first impression the customer gets upon interacting with the receptionist either virtually or physically significantly builds his or her perception about the hotel (Saleem & Raja, 2014). When booking a hotel, the first person a customer will contact is a receptionist and later when checking in the hotel, the client will first clear with the receptionist before proceeding to his or her room. In effect, Swissotel has one of the warmest receptionists in the hotel industry as they often stop whatever they are doing and attend to the guest when he or she enters the reception. The receptionists at Swissotel are smartly dressed in black and white decent uniforms which communicate sharpness and efficiency. At the reception’s wall is a well-written mission and vision statements, which is clearly written in golden writing which reflects excellence and commitment to service delivery. Both the mission and vision statements are customer-oriented as they reflect the hotel’s commitment to ensuring that customers are serviced to their expectations. The receptionists at Swissotel are extraordinary as they often allot time for visits to the spa as well as fixed appointments with the doctors. The reception at Swissotel also has an adjoining waiting lounge where guests can rest while they wait for their orders to be processed. While in the lounge, the customer is entertained with a television, which offers a significant number of channels. Moreover, the hotel has free and fast wifi connectivity facility hence the customer can browse while at the lounge. The reception is also decorated with attractive paintings. The soft lightening makes the ambience even more relaxing and comforting for the customers. All these aspects delineated above makes the customer have a good perception about with hotel with regard to what to expect during his or her stay at the hotel.

Swissotel’s Rooms

The hotel has 400 beautiful decorated rooms as well as suites which offer unique and breathtaking panoramic views of Sydney’s city sky. The designers of the hotel room had warmth and comfort in mind as the rooms finishing was done with contemporary furnishings using an uncluttered design that appeals to the most deserving traveller. The rooms are classified into Classic, Executive and Suites room categories. One cannot fail to recognise a number of aspects associated with room at first glance. Sanitation, as well as the maintenance of the room, can be said to be the most prominent feature. Evidently, the room can accommodate up to six people. The position of the rooms is in such a way that they allow sufficient sunshine. The temperature of the room can be attuned depending on the individual’s needs of the client. Ultimately, the rooms are furnished with entertainment gadgets such as T.V and D.V.D machines as well a router.


When one walks into the dining hall, the individual will find himself or herself saying that it is the beginning of a new experience as well as delight. The walls are decorated with antique pieces and scenic paintings. The floor is also furnished with a red carpet which makes the customer feel like he or she is dining in the king’s palace. The tables are covered with clean and beautifully folded table clothing mixed with matching colours. The tables and chairs are organised in such a way that there is space for moving around, and a set of tables are assigned to a specific waiter or waitress. The waiters and waitresses are also smartly dressed and always smiling at the customer whenever they are engaging them. This leaves a perfect impression in the customers’ mind with regards to the type of food to expect and the kind of service that he or she will get during the stay at the hotel.

The physical evidence at Swisssotel Sydney does not overpromise or under promise what the hotel can deliver since the comments filled on the hotel’s visitors book as well as the social media are positive. A significant number of customers on the hotel’s website are often complimenting the hotel for the perfect services and that they would always choose the hotel in future when they visit Sydney. One customer in fact admitted to having overstayed in the hotel because of the quality services and serene he experienced with his family while in the hotel.


To sum up, the report has indicated how it is tough to satisfy a customer in service industry more so, in hotels where the physical evidence often determines the customers’ perception about the service quality to expect from the hotel. However, Swissotel has successfully catered to this need. It can be concluded that Swissotel has perfect physical evidence, which does not overpromise or under promise the kind of service it can deliver to its customers.


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