Surveying Essay Example

Surveying Exercise

Question 3.2

Given the following scheme;


To find height, surveying  1 use sine rule.

surveying  2

surveying  3

surveying  4

surveying  5

surveying  6

Volume of Cut Wedge;

surveying  7

surveying  8

Volume of Fill Wedge;

surveying  9

surveying  10

surveying  11

But hypotenuse of fill; surveying  12

Therefore volume of excluded zone using sine rule;

surveying  13

surveying  14

surveying  15

Question 3.6

The table below shows the calculations thereof;




The arithmetic check is as follows;

surveying  16

surveying  17

The calculations are therefore correct.

Question 3.7

Point D is lower than point B with respect to the datum point. It is lower by surveying  18

surveying  19

Question 3.8

surveying  20

The field readings can be represented in a table as follows;


Arithmetic check was done as follows;

surveying  21

surveying  22

Therefore the calculations are done perfectly.

Question 3.10 (4)

The fourth way of expressing gradient is per mille given by;

surveying  23

surveying  24

Question 3.12

A 3-D scheme of the property can be shown below;

surveying  25

The volume will be calculate using averages of the dimensions.

The slope between RL9.80 and RL5.20 is given by

surveying  26

The slope between RL8.00 and RL3.50 is given by

surveying  27

Widths to be excavated;

surveying  28

surveying  29

Average width to be excavated

surveying  30

Average length to be excavated;

surveying  31

Average volume to be excavated;

surveying  32

surveying  33