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The Internal and Ехtеrnаl Еnvirоnmеnt of Саthаy Расifi Essay Example

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Section One


This refers to the case presentation and the various areas of concern that are expected to be dealt with in the case. This, therefore, includes the Cathay Pacific case. Cathay Pacific is an airline owned by China nation.it is a global awarding airline. While operating in the dynamic environment, the Cathay Pacific airline needs planning that shall help in pushing the organization towards gaining a position that is both competitive and can be sustained within the environment. This, therefore, poses an area of concern towards creating a strategic fit to the organization whileensuring efficiency (Carpenter, Mason 37). This paper is therefore about a business strategic plan to be adopted by Cathay Pacific airline. This is a representation of the regime of activities analysis for the key areas that describe the overall performance of the industry analyse.

The Cathay Pacific business venture is a form of a business entity that is based on offering airline services and ensuring that these services are provided in a diversified way. It is operated under a section. This enhances their operation through strategies of rebranding to achieve a better customer base. For example, in an occasion, the Cathay Pacific leads more rebranding of its airlines to achieve better customer loyalty. Cathay Pacific deals with offering services of delivery that are delivered to clients for updates on various needs. The business venture also maintains offers of transportation products, and therefore this continues its growth in the marketplace. This operates in an airline industry where it provides services to various customer needs as well as targeting its customers for improved service and sustained growth. The Cathay Pacific new mission statement is to have the globe being brought as closely as in togetherness.

The Cathay Pacific company establishes airline systems and processes as a way of the business model aimed at predictably receiving the best of revenues. It also has openings companies from which it reaps income in the form of taxes.

The business continues to do well in the long run in the market it operates. This is so because it ventures into all countries across the globe by establishing airline channels in various countries and this makes it go global. Therefore the future of this company is good. Cathay Pacific faces competition from various other operators that include the various other airline companies (David, Fred 28). These make the Cathay Pacific business to embark on a robust marketing strategy to gain a competitive edge. The business does well in the market with a large number of people reached all over across the globe. This large number of households are subscribed to the venture, and this is now going global. Therefore the market for the business would support its growth within the industry with the various channels of company enhanced in different countries across the globe for maintenance of customer service. The airlines shall need to have the technology based on the needs of the business. The technology shall support the various activities of the firm relating to airline operations.

The company needs to compare the technology it adapts to the existing technology by the competitors in the market, and therefore it should also consider adopting a technology that will out do other firms of the same industry and in the best ethical ways possible. The company shall have to consider the cost of acquiring such a technology alongside the cost of implementation, running the technology efficiently and the cost of gaining compliance to the market needs through the technology. The company will have to have a forecast of the market segment it needs to have to consider its marketing strategies.it should consider the size of its market, the age composition, the location and different cultures of the market segment it aims to achieve. The pricing of the entity should make in such a way that it maintains customer’s satisfaction while at the same time, the firm should be focused on a competitive pricing. The competitive pricing should satisfy the customers as well as the market needs while at the same time maintaining the Cathay Pacific within the marketplace, a phenomenon that ensures continuity of the same company within the market. The channels of distribution of materials within the company should be well planned to align to the best cost benefit from logistics.

Efficient distribution of information and resources leads to active competitive edge in the marketplace. The Cathay Company shall plan on the best ways to promote its airline services and its business venture to fetch a better market segment for a competitive edge. The best way to encourage the business in the new environment is through the formation of cross functional teams which will help transform the whole transaction encounter. The parameters here include the financial resources that are offered along by the company. Therefore, the financial resources are of critical importance when it comes to the integration of the business processes. The business venture should focus on the strategies it shall use to plan for sales in the first three years of its existence. This may include the kind of sales team that supports the efficient sales that will help the organization to gain a sustained competitive edge. The Cathay Pacific may use systems includes the actions as relating to operational, investments and acts of finance. This includes giving records of revenue that the company receives. The Company should focus on its long term planning for the future needs of the business. This is prepared by following an initial step to get along with a market forecast. The system should ensure that they plan a system of acquiring resources to enable the smooth running of the business in which to also plan for better ways of utilizing the funds to purchase. The form of ownership of the firm should be determined after some consultations to have the best kind of decisions made for the future success of the business. The company should consider looking at the kind of a vision to have for the organization. The business shall also be required to bring out the various characters who own stakes in the firm. These include the customers, the environment, the government, the economy and the core shareholders of the company.

This involves the process of the course of allocating the various quantities that shall be produced. This may include the processing of different news information and other forms of entertainment. The venture should also plan on the system used for transmission of the information across the processes. This will also focus on the various types of its input and ways of control. The business should have a well-planned system of the machines and the equipment that will be used to support the information broadcasting across all the systems (David, Fred 25). This will help the Cathay Pacific in developing better ways to gain the competitive advantage that can be maintained regarding sustainability over the years for the foreseeable future. This involves the various kinds of vendors who shall be utilized to supply the systems and processes within the information broadcasting. The different supplier selection and supplier development in the environment should be upheld. The company should also forecast on the different ways to get purchases of the materials they use from other external sources after considering if they are beneficial enough to promote a cost-benefit outsourcing.

Section Two

Strategic Audit

The company should have a clear outline of the financial and the informational resources alongside the environment in which the company operations. The company should also plan for how the ordering process shall be done and how the goods move within the processes shall also be influenced to gain a competitive. The section shall also give an outline of all the requirements for deliveries inspection for conformance. The strategic audit of the firm shall, therefore, be conducted in line with the various internal and external elements that form the business or the company. The SWOT analysis of the company forms the internal factors while the PESTEL analysis forms the external factors that macro environment of the enterprise. This will, therefore, contribute towards the success or the failure of the business venture in line with their operations (Ambrosini et al. 34).

The swot analysis includes different perspectives of the company in its activities within its Market place of existence and therefore needs a lot of internal audits.

Internal audit

Internal audit refers to the close examination of the various internal systems of a company to access the validity and the accuracy of the systems that are being held as responsible for the operations within the company’s environs. Therefore in internal audit, we shall look at the various strengths of the company and align them to the projected future performance and position of the company and hence contribute to the different shifts in the fulfillment of the venture in the market place.

Section three

SWOT analysis

The strengths are handled in such a manner to ensure that the various kinds of the systems are upheld for better analysis of the company’s stretches that can be used to outdo other competitors within the market place in the industry. The weaknesses of the Cathay Pacific airline company are also analysed to contribute to the various ways f how to rectify the weaknesses and take the potential areas of gaining the competitive edge for the company through enhanced quality goals and strategies that lead to the advanced forms of the business ventures for more revenues. The opportunities that underlie the resources within the company also need to be evaluated and analysed to bring out the effect of having the best of the business entirely the Cathay Pacific while ensuring that the best quality and value for the business is brought to the frontline (Ambrosini et al. 36).

The threats that may prove potential and existing for the Cathay Pacific business also need to be analyzed. This will help in gaining the decisions to come up with the best strategies that lead to cost effective operations within the market place, and therefore the performance of the system shall be upheld for the company to get the required goals and objectives that help in gaining the best goals for the competitive edge.

Strategic audit for the Cathay Pacific looks at the various strategies at the strategic level, the diplomatic mission, the strategic vision, the strategic objectives, the strategic goals and the different tactics that could be used to gain the best of the competitive edge the company of interest (Carpenter, Mason 22). The organizational culture refers to the feeling that the customers experience while during the context of the services delivery by the Cathay Pacific and this leads to the enhanced development of the best culture through the auditing of the. Auditing the organizational culture leads to the achievement of the best ways to attain the best quality of the systems that contribute to the top most results that include efficiency and effectiveness.

The external audit

This refers to the evaluation of the political, ecological, sociocultural, technological, environmental and legal factors that influence operations of the Cathay Pacific company.

Section Four

The Strategic Options

The matrix that represents SWOT

S = the strengths of the business W = The weaknesses
O= the opportunities of the firm T= the threats to the organization

The Cathay Pacific airlines strategic options include the various strategies adopted on the best ways to improve the company’s strengths, weaknesses, the opportunities and the threats based on the different organizational and capabilities (Ambrosini et al. 35). They are driven towards the attainment of the fundamental strategic objectives that are geared towards gaining the competitive edge that can again be sustained within the chaotic and dynamic environment of operations.

Section Five

The Strategic Selection

Strategic selection refers to the process and the method of choosing which strategies best fit the organization.As such, the Cathay Pacific company uses both the short term and the long term strategies that can be implemented within the organization with the help of the various institutionalization and the operationalization of such strategies. Short term plans can be atoned within a period less than or equal to two years while the long term strategies have the capacity of being attained after a period more than two years.

Project implementation

Project implementation needs refer to the various requirements to be achieved for the proposed kind of the strategy to succeed in their application while enabling for the effective and efficient operationalization such a strategy.


In conclusion, it is true that the various business needs that require being met are all useful resources that contribute to the attainment of the best strategic planning of the firm situations. While defining the plan of activities and enabling for the processing and implementation is critical in meeting various fundamental parameters of the business that contribute to a sustained competitive edge by such a business.

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