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Integrated marketing


Vivant” is a restaurant that is to be launched in Australia. It was founded by franchises and is to be launched at Sydney in The Rock town. Its’ founders are Alain’s group who are famously known for also being the founding fathers of many restaurants. The name «Vivant” is taken from a French word meaning «living.» Due to its association with France, expectations are high that many customers will opt for it from the best choice made by the targeted consumer. Also, it is due to the public class lifestyle franchises live. As in a documentary by Price, published in the year 2007. The mission of its founder is to give its customers a more joyful life when they visit the restaurant and have a feeling of the meaning of living through the enjoyment from their delightful dishes.

The problem with the Alains’ is the presence of many restaurants in Australia. Therefore a good choice of its advertisement articles is necessary, which should feature on creativity on the idea as well creativity in integration. The advertisements are to be shared to all most visited sites as well as displayed on the internationally and most viewed TV channels. The reason behind showing on international TV channels is to target consumers from other nations to come and try the best services offered. In the branding logo, practical choice of elements is necessary. To add, the primarily targeted customer should be well chosen. This measure enables the brand to spread and develop within a short period. In about three months or less, the Australian dwellers will be informed of the restaurant. Their secondary consumer, since this is a business institution, is the business executives. This is because the Vivant’s services and goods are expensive as compared to the casual restaurants in Sydney.

Creative idea

The original design is just a simple type of a story documented to pass the message to the targeted consumer through a series of advertisements. It begins from the brands marketing and advertising the Vivant restaurant. The choice of components, elements, and colors to be used in the restaurant’s logo is a basic that should bring out creativity and quickly capture the attention of customers. The main targeted customers are the people of 18-60 years of age, who are known for their love of luxury. These are recorded by Drawing in the year 2013.Therefore, the creativity brought out will help promote the concepts of the brand as well as build a better picture of the organization in the market.

The Vivant restaurant wants to convey its message to the targeted audience who are believed to be easily driven by luxury-giving area. The purpose of the Vivant restaurant is to give the best regarding meals, accommodation, refreshment and any other activity that can be partaken in a classy restaurant. Advertisements on the television and print documents are the convenient advertising ways for the sensitization and information of the viewers of the restaurant.

In the creative idea, the organization can choose from the many advertisement forms submitted to the account manager by different marketers.

Creative integration

As documented by Ingraham in the year 2013, the Creative combination is said to be all about displaying skills and capacity to design the logo that is up-to-date with the digital market. Due to the patriotism in the franchises, blue and red color, present in their national flag is in the logo. Besides, the blue color in the name, in the restaurant’s point of view, gives a symbol of professionalism, Authority, trust, loyalty as well as power. The red color is known to represent romantic environment and as a hunger stimulant. Most importantly of all, is the color of the wine bottle (gold).

Since gold color is used to represent luxury, so does it symbolize the class being of our restaurant? Its slogan “Live with the ones you love” shows the theme of the restaurant which is romance as well as the living. People aged between 18 and 60 are fond of trying new foods, environments and experiences they have never had. They are viewed as foodies. They are most likely to give affection to the brands’ attitude becoming the best. Therefore the choice made by the restaurants’ manage.

Brand awareness

This is among the several communication objectives which are taken for the effectiveness of the advertisements. The design of the brand’s logo is the frontline communication feature used since creativity and its quality if prone to attracting peoples ‘attention. Also, the organization trained people and employed them to widely share Vivant’s blog as well as advertisements on board for the company. This resulted in too many customers awareness of the brand and left the familiar names for Vivant. This is denoted by Daris, in the year 2009. On the awareness too, the advertisements covered all the services as well as products available at the organization. Due to their unique presentation, they are a keystone to the wide-spread of the restaurant’s presence to the nation and society as well.

Television advertisements

The television commercial is a broad range of the television programming paid for and produced by an organization. They convey information to the market on the services and products of an individual team. In the Vivant restaurant company, the advertisements to be must include several departments present in the group. As was documented in an article by Paules, in the year 2011, these include the swimming area, the accommodation area as well as the entertainment departments in the restaurant. E adverts used in print media can also be employed in the television advertisements as well. This is because they both advertise and impact knowledge to the nation joint activities.

Print media adverts

Print media ads are advertising for which involves the use of print media physically such as newspapers, journals, and magazines to reach the prospects, consumers, and customers to the business. These advertisements are to have a perfect color choice to trap the user’s concentration. It also has unique graphics which are not common to the viewers. The graphics pass a message to the customers or the targeted group on the services offered by the organization. In the case of Vivant, its print media ads show the presence of a swimming g pool, besides this, it also demonstrates the condition of the pool, the rest areas at the ground as well as the environment surrounding it. Also, it offers restaurant guest rooms which are advertised through a graphic of a room with high quality soft and hard furnishings. A good choice of blending colors bring out the beauty of the chambers. This promotes and provides a romantic atmosphere to dwell in.

Alongside all these, is the hotel section where foods and drinks are pampered to perfection. Therefore it gathers the emotions and the lifestyle elements of people. All the consumers who get to come across the adverts will yeah to get to the place. The working staff is confident, shows

Surname 3

Surname 3 1

Surname 3 2

Surname 3 3

Television media adverts


Creation of intrigues for people to work for is an important marketing format. This makes the customers participate in sensitizing and informing others of the newly launched restaurant as well as get goods from it too.


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