Supporting Statement for job application Essay Example

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Supporting statement

I have considered the descriptions of the job and person specifications for the SLC position, the head of Maths and Science faculty and I can clearly demonstrate that My experience and leadership skills makes me meet the job criteria as follows.

I have developed great knowledge of the institution coupled with great leadership skills through my working in the school as a teacher for 8 years which has given me great insight knowledge into what is expected of a faculty leader in Maths and Science. During my time in the school, I have had a great working relationship with both my colleagues and the management of the school which is one of the primary attribute a leaders should possess.. Additionally, I have gained experience as far as communicating with individuals at all levels in the school for the past eight years i have been working there including meetings, through telephone conversations, social networks and email. By so doing, this has placed me in a better position to share and evaluate ideas in the faculty of Maths and Science very well without compromising the values of the school.

I am capable of making informed and strategic decisions owing to the fact I am currently the Maths’ numeracy coordinator of the school. In this role, i demonstrate my capability and positive attitude in managing Maths lessons and classes online, monitoring the progress of students in Maths lessons as well as their performance. By way of explanation, my position as a Maths coordinator has enriched my leadership skills as far as making decisions relating to formal reviews, student data, renewal processes and classroom practices are concerned.

As a numeracy coordinator, I have also demonstrated my leadership skills in leading other team members in monitoring classroom practices, offer quality teaching in Maths lessons and in the process, lead my Math team in updating Maths progress online which ensures high quality learning for students. In other words, through the PAT testing, an online testing system, I have been able to set up and allocate tasks for other teachers as far as curriculum testing is concerned, analyze the result to monitor the student performance progress and learning ability in Maths and explain the feedback of the tests to the executive teachers. In simple terms, I can postulate that, PAT testing is an ongoing Progress that the management of the school has found useful. By so doing, this has enriched my leadership skills in managing the resources at my disposal, supporting other staff members in operating and planning for their Maths lesson within the values of the school.

In my role as a numeracy coordinator, I have also demonstrated my ability in supporting other staff members in implementing student monitoring assement and evaluation processes effectively. By way of explanation, one of the primary responsibility as a numeracy coordinator was helping teachers and students in managing school’s numeracy line such as according them an extra help in numeracy, setting up numeracy tasks for both teachers and students. I have also developed my planning abilities by establishing NAPlan tests that takes place every year. This has enriched my leadership skills in terms of time management since this role requires proper organization of personal and professional time.