Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff Essay Example

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Support the Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff

  1. A Cook has resigned, and a new employee needs to be appointed. How would you gather the necessary information about the job role, conduct a job analysis and write a job description for the position of a cook?

The information can be obtained from the employee who is leaving the position through asking about the roles and responsibilities of the position. Other employees with direct contacted with the cook can be requested on information about the position. Independent research through reviewing other similar positions can be used to structure the roles and duties of the cook.

JOB Analysis: some of the methods to analyze the job includes defining the skills, experiences, methods/equipment and approaches to completion of the duties. The cook position should be viewed from the wider strategic requirements towards advancing the needs and expectations of the organization.

Job Title: COOK

Reports to: Head Chef

POSITION SUMMARY: Ensures the food production is based on law and organizational policy. A cook gathers and orders ingredients, spices, and devices and improves the quality of food production, A cool operates various kitchen appliance including a stand mixer, grill, oven, and blender. A cook estimates food consumption, documents the kitchen processes, engages with other players such as butchers and head cook and contributes to strategic organizational expectations.

  1. List, in order, the key activities involved in the recruitment, selection and induction process


  • Timeline recruitments

  • Type of media channel to be used

  • Defining job description

  • Advertisement

  • Applicants’ shortlisting


  • Determination of venue and time of interviews

  • Determining the selection panel

  • Creating the questions to be asked

  • Carrying out the actual interview

  • Select the preferred candidate

  • Make a job offer


  • Define orientation date

  • Prepare appropriate documentation

  • Provide information and documentation on organization policies and legislative requirements

  • Advise on consultation and guidance framework

  1. Who generally gives approval for a job to be advertised?

In the approval process, numerous individuals are involved including the human resource manager, the departmental manager, the managing director or CEO, and sometimes the board of directors or management

  1. Why do you need to check your organization’s policies and procedures for advertising job descriptions before you develop and advertising strategy? Develop a sample advertisement for the position of a Cook at the Exchange Hotel. What advertising channels would you use to promote this vacancy? Discuss at least two.

The organization’s policies and procedures define the cultural and internal operations of the business. It ensures the advertising incorporates the culture and operational framework of the organization. Some of the processes include listing essential job requirements, encouraging diversity and inclusiveness, and incorporating strategic requirements of the organization.

Cook Required For Exchange Hotel

We are a busy hotel serving a variety of food to different customer segments, and we need an experienced and skilled cook to join our energetic team.

We are looking for someone who has more than two years in a diverse working environment and has extensive experiences in cooking in different cuisines and styles. The individual should be passionate about customer and food service, creative, organized and hardworking. You will be required to work in a high turnover, high-pressure environment, have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be a team player and work unsupervised. The work also entails flexibility in terms of schedule required to work on public holidays, weekends, evenings and days.

  • Applicants must also have:

  • An understanding of food safety requirements

  • Menu planning

  • Ordering and maintaining supplies and stocks

  • Kitchen cleaning and maintenance skills

  • Food presentation, plating, cooking and preparation skills

If you have these skills and experiences, send your CV to:

Peter Kenneth (Human Resource Manager) [email protected]

The following are the advertising channels:

  • Local newspaper – to target the local community

  • Social media – it is cheaper to utilize and engages many prospective employees

  1. What information do you need to pass on to the selection panel when you have scheduled an interview with a candidate?

Some of the information include

  • Venue of the Interview

  • Time and duration of the interview

  • Provision of appropriate documentation

  • Highlighting important legislative and origination’s policies

  1. What criteria are candidates evaluated against during an interview?

The following are the criteria:

  • Contents of the job description

  • Contents of job analysis

  • Experiences and skills requirements

  • Educational qualifications

  • Government legislative and procedural requirements

  1. You cannot ask questions that discriminate against one group of people over other groups in a job interview. Explain why not

Discrimination is a criminal offense, and numerous legislative exist that criminalizes the issue. Utilizing discriminative approach, the number of viable employees would be less and also negative perception from different stakeholders would affect the operations of the business.

  1. What documents do you need to complete when you have decided on a preferred candidate with the selection panel?

The following are some of the documents:

  • Contract documents

  • Personal documents

  • Payroll and government salary documentations

  1. What is an employment contract?

An employment contract is an agreement between the employee and employer that denies the conditions and terms of employment

  1. Why do you need to advise other staff members when a new employee is starting work?

The following are some of the advice:

  • Be friend and supportive to new employees

  • Teach and inform the employees on culture of the organization

  1. What administrative documents need to be filled out and tasks need to be undertaken when a new employee joins?

Some of the administrative documents include:

  • Criminal background information

  • Corporate and contractual agreements

  • Salary and salary related contractual agreements

  • Work permission and work permit documentations

  • Criminal history documents

  • Personal information

  1. Write a letter for an applicant who has not been successful for a job role

Dear Peter,

Re: Cook’s Position,

Thank you for applying and considering the position and providing the information. We appreciate the effort and time spent in applying for the position.

However, we had many applications and unfortunately you application was not successful on the current occasion. The organization appreciates and encourage you to apply for any position in future.

We wish you well in job search activities.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Kenneth

  1. How would you schedule several candidate interviews over one week so that all selection panel members can attend?

  • Gathering information from the selection panel and determining the opportune time

  • Create mechanisms to address conflicts and risks

  • Inform the candidates to interview

  • Advising and informing the interviews and candidates on scheduling of the interview