Summary on Walter Benjamin’s ideas on the work of art Essay Example

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Walter Benjamin Ideas on the of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility

Walter Benjamin in his essay on the perception shift and its effects in the wake advent photography and film production in the twentieth century, identifies that the way we look and visualize the work of arts differs. Benjamin reiterates on the importance of originality in promoting arts. He reinforces his argument by comparing between a painting and photograph’s ability to distract their audiences. He concludes that a painting can captivate and distract it is audiences because of its originality as compared to a picture which is just a mere representation of what a photographer want’s the viewers to see.

In a contemporary world, Benjamin’s ideas still prevail especially in the digital world. Online platforms have given individuals and corporates an access into a billion populations of prospective consumers of media text. Podiums such as Youtube and Blog posts have promoted online journalism and marketing. Bloggers can now promote their videos and photographic work of arts online. The industry is dynamic and filled with audiences of different traits. Its audience in this virtual world that dictates what they choose to consume. Just like Benjamin’s reasoning, in digital world audiences are distracted by the uniqueness of contents they consume as opposed to a regeneration of pieces of arts.

In conclusion, based on Walter’s theory on audience’s perception towards media content, today’s audiences are discriminative. In the field of blogging, though the industry is bogged by many players, the audiences cannot get enough of their content because it is the uniqueness of an individual artwork that will attract more viewers to their blog post. This uniqueness character can be accrued by demonstrating originality in the piece of text. For them that are incapable of illustrating creativity on their blogs are doomed to be left outside the market because of the bulging number of bloggers.