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Summary for the article ( Computing in the Domestic Pattern of Life) Essay Example

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Computing in the dоmеstiс раttеrn of life 2

Sociology of Technology & Work; Computing in the dоmеstiс раttеrn of life

This article is about how much technology has been embraced in different ways in the domestic or home scenario by different individuals and also its different uses. According to the article, it is evident that a home computer has to find a place within an individual and this means that an individual should be able to have a joint pattern of activity with. This therefore means that a computer is an integral part of an individual’s daily life. The article spells out the varying difference in the use of the computer y different individuals where we have some use it in their everyday life while others see it as a luxury which they cannot afford not doing without. In a contemporary home building practices especially in the western world where a household has both children as well as children, a computer is an important element for it is termed as a significant appropriation of technology in an individual’s daily life.

Computing in the dоmеstiс раttеrn of life vividly describes that a home computer is essential for educational uses at all age levels this includes adults who use it in further studies as well as finishing up wok from their offices at home pre-scholar son the other hand use the computer as they get into learning how to draw. But as far as children are concerned, the use of the computer for them is usually for game playing. The need for building on information technology into the domestic context according to the article transforms the symbolic qualities of the technology as well as transforming the domestic context itself. In the concluding remarks, the computerized homes becomes more like a workplace, this means that whether one is a heavy computer user at home or one who sees it a luxury, they all cannot do without it.