Malaria: Stopping a Global Killer Essay Example

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Malaria: Stopping a Global Killer

Malaria is caused by Anopheles mosquito. This is the only mosquito which has the ability to harbor the human malaria parasite. A very large number of people across the world have suffered or are suffering from the disease. The disease is affecting approximately 106 nations. The situation has worsened because the parasite has developed resistance to different drugs that have been developed by researchers.

World health organization has prioritized the reduction of the disease in the planet. Various donors such as bill gates have donated millions of dollar in order to fight the disease. The US government has also set up funds towards this initiative. Different strategies such as the use of bed nets, herbal medicines, and modern drugs have been used to eradicate the drugs. Researchers are also trying to develop a vaccine which will prevent people from contacting the disease.

Malaria has been playing a significant role in increasing the mortality rate in the world. For instance, in Zambia 20% of the new born babies do not live to see their second birthday. The country provides an ideal example of the pain and suffering that people go through when they are infected with the disease. The conditions are even worse because the health facilities are scarce and the ratio of the health care providers and the patients is very high. In addition, the available facilities lack modern equipments to eradicate the disease. With the country lying in the tropical region, it receives a lot of rain which creates a serene environment for it to interbreed. Different efforts to eradicate the disease across the world seem to have failed and the disease continues to kill many in the world.