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The telephone is of great significance in the world of business as they have enabled man to conduct businesses in an efficient manner. However, care should be taken to prevent the telephone from replacing face to face communication which is equally an important facilitator of human connection. Currently people have become so much dependent on telephone conversation and voicemail. Consequently, many try to ensure that they are connected all the time. Telephones are used everywhere, from the office to the grocery. It is thus very significant that we consistently maintain positive professionalism whenever answering telephone calls.

Though voice mail is an excellent tool that can facilitate efficient communication in a business organization, it can also be devastating if misused. Managers for instance might leave some voice mail messages for their subordinates and vice versa. The problem arises when some of those voice mails need further clarification. Consequently there might be no feedback as well as conversation to ascertain whether the intended party understood the message or not. Additionally, most people do not do a follow up on the left messages to know whether action was taken or not. Voice mail can also be employed as a scapegoat. It is thus advisable to use voicemail sparingly and it should not substitute face to face communication.

However, effective use of voice messages could ensure efficient communication in any business organization. Outgoing voice messages should be brief and in a friendly tone. Commitment should prevail to ensure the voice messages are kept in track. Finally we should ensure that we do not sound cute and flippant when leaving messages.