Summarising articles 15-21. More researches.

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The parties requesting for assistance are expected to render local services and facilities that can include facilitating formalities for border crossing. They will then be responsible for monitoring the local services and facilities where the parties requesting for assistance will be expected to ensure that the formalities for crossing the border are followed. The riparian parties are held responsible for ensuring that the public has the necessary information that can assist in the process of reducing trans-boundary effects. The information availed to the public can include the conditions that need to be met. This can include the affluent sampling that is necessary for the process of monitoring and assessing the compliance with the permit conditions or water quality objective. Besides, the riparian parties are expected to ensure that the necessary information is availed to the public at the right time for free of charge inspection. They will also be expected to ensure that the members of public have access to reasonable facilities necessary for obtaining from riparian parties after making reasonable payments. The riparian parties will ensure that the public has access to the necessary copies of information that is considered important.

The parties will be holding meetings whenever they decide or upon request by any party where communication need to be done six months earlier. They will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the convention to achieve the objective of the meetings. The parties will ensure that they work toward achieving protection of the waters of trans-boundary. This will involve ensuring that they exchange information concerning the experience that is gained in the process of implementing the multilateral and bilateral agreements or any other arrangement that is concerned with the use of waters at trans-boundary. The parties will ensure that the services that are appropriate from ECE bodies that are relevant and other international bodies that are competent are availed to the public. Also, they will ensure that the public has access to information from specific committees that are necessary for the process of achieving the goals of the convention.

In the first meeting, consensus will be arrived at concerning the rules of meetings and possible amendments in the convention where the actions necessary to achieve the set objectives will be identified. Organizations in the regional economic integration will be expected to ensure voting using an equal number of the member states to the convention. The executive secretary of Europe economic commission will be responsible for preparing and convening meetings and transmitting the relevant information to the parties. The other functions of the executive secretary can be determined by the interests of the parties. The amendment of the Convention agreements can be proposed by any party to the convention where the amendment proposals will be considered and discussed in the meetings. After proposing the amendments, the proposal will be communicated to the executive secretary who is responsible for communicating the proposal to the parties. The amendments will then be considered using consensus during a meeting where the discussions concerning the amendments will be done by the parties or their representatives.