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Group work has been given a lot of importance, over the years to infuse a spark of creativity among the students. Experts have argued over the years resulting in attainment of a decision which is mixed in nature. Group work has helped solve various complicated tasks and also effective and lasting learning structures. The Pygmalion effect has been used in many cases to higher the individual results.

Creativity was misinterpreted in the beginning years, early 1950’s, of focus of group work as they only focussed on training the traditional manager. A need for flexible learning environment having premiums on individual time management and practical application of learning was required.

A reflection of creativity across two disciplines, entrepreneurship and marketing, at the University of Canberra shows that students take the complete responsibility of all business and marketing processes in their companies. Entrepreneurship has enhanced as the students learn the role of planning and implementing quality systems in key management areas like finance, manufacturing, human resource, marketing and also identifying e-commerce opportunities. The marketing discipline has helped the students to show productivity which is considered beyond their ability. Marketing is considered as a job for creating an active space for things to happen and higher education with group work has cushioned the students with a ‘safe place’ to take risk and embrace creativity.

Group work has been strongly advocated by educators with proper implications to spark creativity among the students. The article has presented a clear example of how the students have reacted towards the implication of correct method to enhance disciplines like entrepreneurship and marketing.