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2Article Analysis


The fundamental purpose of the study was to ascertain the contribution of team-members, within a given organizational setting, in regards to their respective cognitive styles that is highly associated with the element of idea implementation processes, team radical innovation capacities and contribution put forth by creative members of a team. The research study depicts that creative members are essential element of team radical innovation. Subsequently, it postulates that conformist team members are revered towards team innovation that goes beyond creative member’s capacities. However, attentive-to-detail team members are a negative influence to team radical innovation. The paper also identifies the fact that different variations of cognitive styles are able to influence such aspects as task conflicts, team potency as well as team adherence to standards and policies.

Some of the research findings stipulated within the article include; first, a myriad number of creative team members within an organization help to improve team innovation given that they generate sufficient radicalized ideas and also, contribute immensely to formulation of group norms that encourages dissenting perceptions and creativity levels. Second, creative members were fond of not adhering to already set standards and policies and also, initiated task conflicts. Third, both conformists and attentive-to-detail members exhibited low confidence levels in the course of implementing their ideas while attentive-to-detail members interfered greatly with process of idea generation.

In my opinion, it is affirmative that creative members are a fundamental element to the growth strategies of an organization in regards to idea generation and implementation and should therefore, be included in teams composing attentive-to-detail and conformists for higher levels of efficiencies.


Miron-Spektor, E. Naveh, E and Erez, M. 2011. The effect of conformist and attentive-to-detail members on team innovation: Reconciling the innovation paradox. Academy Of Management Journal, Vol.54. No. 4, pp.740-760