SUMMАRY RЕVIЕW 1 Essay Example

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Summary Review

Group work is advantageous in students as they draw from a collection of corresponding skills and acquire knowledge from each other. Considering the time spent in marking of exams, group assessment would result to class increment and management of marking excellence. However, this opinion has been faced with a lot of criticisms. Group work allows assessment of high level more complicated issues. Students in groups have a pool where they can draw complimentary knowledge as they get to learn from each other. Research is still being carried on to determine the relationship between group work and creativity. There is a large disparity on how creativity is conceived, taught, understood, and how it can be assessed. This paper aims at developing a conceptual model which captures the likely drivers and results that ignite creative teaching in the tertiary segment from both the teachers and student point of view. The author gives a reflection of creativity across two disciplines at the University of Canberra; entrepreneurship and marketing. It involves exposing the students in situations which boost their creativity. Normal course assessment is incorporated into this program. This kind of learning is important because it enables students get to learn how to lead a team. In the marketing approach, this approach inspires students to expand their capabilities and commit to successful work. A high level of involvement forms the basis of engaging the learners. Students perform well in an interactive environment where there is active learning and intellectual challenges that motivate them to act creatively.