Sumaary of article in a paragraph Essay Example

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According to Miller et al., (2006), communication was important to both the rich and the low income earners in different parts of the world e.g. in Jamaica an in London. In communication, there is the channel that is used i.e. a cell phone or landline as a means of communication. Different people had variety of reasons as to why they chose the means of communication e.g. portability, capabilities, efficiency, cost, looks among many others. Hence, this reason gave Horst and Miller a focus when doing ethnographic research on a socio technical system. Horst and Miller thought of coming up with the main means that is in use over the tradition means e.g. cell phone over the use of a landline. They also analyzed the age groups making use of the means and the reasons as to why they preferred it e.g. young people opted to use cell phones while the old people preferred to use the land line as a channel of communication. Young girls, boys and children had also different reasons as to why they had preferred a cell phone i.e. in relationships, exploring the new technology e.g. changing of the look of the phone screen, learning new things through the internet among many other reasons (Miller et al., 2006). Some of the materials gathered by Horst and miller included varieties of cell phones available, category of people who use and how different people had different possession of the phone i.e. how they value their phones and the costs of the cell phones available as an anthropology of communication. Miller and horst had the interview method of fact finding where they gave the audience a chance to express themselves as to why the preferred the means of communication. The answers they got from the large number of people from different culture led to their conclusion on sociology of technology and work.


Horst, Heather and Daniel Miller 2006, Chapter 4: Possession. In The Cell Phone: An Anthropology of Communication. N.Y. Berg.