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  1. Understanding the association Between Conflicting Styles Of Management And National Culture in a Multicultural Organisation

This topic assesses project management and how organisations fail in handling the diversity and complexity resulting from host cultures and integration with the existing and intended organisational culture could be catastrophic.

  1. Different management styles in multi-cultural organization

Under this research question/topic, the major concern lies on serious ethical or unethical issues that are affecting our current society. An example is the security sector.

  1. Briefly explain the different management styles in business today- a case study of Citibank in Saudi Arabia

Here, we discuss on how employers supervise their employees. There are employers who are very strict and compete to have control over everything while there are those who are quite relaxed and give freedom to their employees.

  1. How to deal with the contemporary issues regarding business in the society

Management should know how to deal with issues to ensure smooth running of the organization. Such issues might include an organizational crisis, gender imbalance, cultural differences and their perceptions on fairness.

  1. How is social entrepreneurship relevant in the management industry?

This is relevant as it educates on how to create value in a society. Here, we also learn about the value of profits as well as the value of returns in a business setting.

  1. How to ensure high corporate responsibility, ethical behavior and accountability.

Under this we discuss how to manage incorporeal capital groups, how to facilitate virtual work and maintain proper work ethics