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Communication Portfolio: Marine and Coastal Environmental Communication

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Communication Portfolio: Port Campbell

The Interview: Questions and Responses

This research adopted the Standardized Open-Ended Interviews where identical questions were asked to different respondents structured in a manner that the responses were open-ended to provide more details. The purpose for the choice of this interviewing method was to reduce biases within the research conducted. The following is a sample of questions and responses by different respondents. The sample involves two tourists, one familiar with the place and another prospective tourist.

Questions and Responses

Interviewer: How have your experiences as a tourist influenced or not influenced your choice of Port Campbell as your preferred tourist destination?

Respondent 1: I have had the best experience in Port Campbell. I have toured the place several times with colleagues, family, and also, friends and I could not get enough of its great attractions. First it is the irresistible weather coupled with the pristine sandy beaches and pristine swimming water at Port Campbell Main Beach; I couldn’t get enough of swimming! Secondly, the Great Ocean Walk; I could walk for a lifetime along the walk! In addition to the hiking pleasure, I enjoyed the scenic natural resources, aquatic creatures, and beautiful national parks along the Great Ocean Walk. I could go on and on, but just to summarize, the experiences in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and the Port Campbell National Park are unmatchable.

Interviewer: What did you find distasteful in the Port Campbell experiences and would be glad if those loopholes are addressed in your next visit?

Respondent 1: Most of my experiences in Port Campbell are positive, but I would like to challenge you on a few areas. For instance, the patrol security guards need to be reinforced. Security is essential to every tourist and sometimes we are even tempted to wake up at night and see what the experience could be at such odd hours. Again, the tour guides need increment. Sometimes the place is frequented by many tourists, but you only have a few guides. As a tourist one’s desire is to learn everything about a place especially the new visitors, and this needs addressing from your side.

Interviewer: Thank you for your feedback. We promise to address all the issues you have raised before your next visit. Have the pleasure of getting the maximum enjoyment in Port Campbell in your next holiday.

Interviewer: What aspirations do you have as a new tourist whose aim is to explore the world’s best places and what experience would you prefer to have at a tourist destination?

Respondent 2: My ambition is to rest at a beach with calm weather, pristine water for swimming and exceptional natural beauty. I would enjoy being in a place close to a national park where I would enjoy seeing different wildlife. Again, the place should be accommodative with residential areas and restaurants nearby.

Interviewer: (Handing over video and written article) Port Campbell offers more than you need! There is not just a sandy beach with pristine swimming waters and perfect weather to match, but also two national parks with world’s most amazing creatures. Also, the Great Ocean Walk offers the best hiking experience and best scenic view of aquatic life, natural beauty scenery and also a glimpse of the national parks. Further, the Port Campbell Bay is strategically located at the central Port Campbell area, and it offers swimming area and a calm sandy beach, attractive foreshore area, and also the best restaurants in the world. The video clip and the written article will assist you in choosing the best experience of your lifetime; the Port Campbell town!

Respondent 2: I feel convinced already. I will make Port Campbell my next holiday tourist destination. I can’t wait to bring my family around with me.

Interviewer: You are welcome in the area. We will give you an unforgettable experience.

The Written Article

Wondering where you will get the best tourist experience in your next holiday, vacation or retreat?

Try Port Campbell coastal town and have an experience worth remembering.

The Port Campbell coastal town is a scenic holiday seaside town with perfect weather to match its abundant attractions. In addition, to the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park and the Port Campbell National Park, plenty of other attractions include the Gibson Steps, Loch Ard Gorge, and the Great Ocean Road attractions. The coastline surrounding the Port Campbell area contains steep, rocky cliffs. At the bases of most of these cliffs, splendid pristine sandy beaches stretch across the coastline in bays. The Port Campbell is surrounded by sparky cafes, restaurants, specialty shops, and commercial centers such as the Port Campbell Commercial Centre.

Some attractive tourist-favorite places in Port Campbell include the Port Campbell Bay, the Great Ocean Walk, the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, and the Port Campbell National Park.

The Port Campbell Bay is centrally located in the town, and it is an inlet of water. The bay contains a calm swimming area of the calm sandy beach, a jetty, and an attractive foreshore area. The Discovery Walk provides a spectacular view over the town, along the coast, and across the Port Campbell Bay. Alternatively, one can enjoy the spectacular view from the walking track that is along the cliff top, and it can be accessed from the Port Campbell Bay by climbing the steps at the beach.

The Beauty of Port Campbell Bay

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The Great Ocean Walk stretches from the Apollo Bay to close to the Twelve Apostles. The walk consists of the most scenic features of the coastline. Tourists enjoy taking hikes along the walk for the fun of hiking and enjoyment of family, relatives, or friends’ company. In addition to hiking pleasure, scenic natural resources, aquatic creatures, and beautiful national parks can be seen along the Great Ocean Walk

Enjoy a great walk along the Great Ocean Walk

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The Twelve Apostles Marine National Park ranks second in size in Victoria after the Port Campbell National Park. It covers approximately 7,500 hectares along about 17 kilometers of coastline. The park is richly endowed with amusing flora and fauna that include canyons, gutters, underwater arches, and deep sloping reefs.

A Scenic View in the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park

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The Port Campbell National Park is located to the southwest of Victoria. It is famous for historic shipwrecks and the famous Twelve Apostles. It contains extensive areas of flora and fauna. It also contains scenic coastal environments that include woodlands, wetlands, limestone stacks, dunes, coastal cliffs, and arches.

A Glimpse of the Twelve Apostles in the Port Campbell National Park

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Evaluation of the Techniques Intended for the Audience

The advertisement initiative of Port Campbell adopted three media techniques that include film and video coverage, interviews, and written articles.

The film and video documentary approach proved to be an effective publicity technique that passes crystal clear and precise information to the target audience. The visual display is appropriate because one only need to capture the pictures and understand the message. The audience can watch at the comfort of their seats or beds without much struggle to understand the message contrary to the written article. The film and video documentary also provide for an inscription of messages using different languages to cater for the audiences who do not speak or understand English. This eliminates language barrier issues as in the case of interviews or written articles. The approach is also appropriate to take care of the dynamics in modern communication that appeal to many people. Also, film and video documentary can be supplied to different broadcasting channels such as the BBC and CNN that have world coverage to extend the coverage of the advertisement. The approach, therefore, proved to be the best to reach a wider audience compared to interviews and written articles. The method, however, does not provide an instant feedback from the target audience and its effectiveness can only be gauged through increased tourist visits to Port Campbell.

The interview technique was effective in discovering the thoughts and feelings of the target audience and assessing the success of the advertisement initiative about Port Campbell. The target audience provided information about their experiences and what they think should be improved on a one-to-one interaction. The technique provided a first-hand feedback, and the feelings of the audience could easily be interpreted. The advertiser had an opportunity to persuade and convince the audience on a one-on-one basis. Hence, interviews proved effective although they have a limited coverage and consume a lot of time. They also face the problem of language barrier.

Finally, the impact of written articles could not be assessed. Although a written message appeals to human memory and semantics, and it’s more informative than video and images, one cannot possibly gauge the readership of the message. Also, most people find no time to go through written articles after a long day at work and would prefer watching video coverage instead.

Therefore, after evaluation and assessment of the three techniques of communication to the audience, film and video coverage, and interviews proved more effective in publicizing Port Campbell and getting feedback respectively. However, it was noted that the written articles could be improved through the inclusion of photographic image displays in conjunction with relevant explanations to make them more appealing and informative.