Studying the Past to Illuminate the Present? Essay Example

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4Studying the Past to Illuminate the Present?


Studying the Past to Illuminate the Present?

Egypt civilization is known to register stupendous achievement in various world fields, which include art, engineering, architecture, engineering, statecraft, and medicine. The country’s civilization forms the earliest form of world history as it helped change the course of industrialization in the modern worlds (Hart, 2010). Indeed, river Nile provided a better means that aided crop farming and provided a means for settlers to sustain their livelihood. Agricultural development called for better transport system and marketing policies that helped the Sumerians to trade their farm products. It is has provided the illumination of what we enjoy today. The ancient Egyptian invented the refrigerators to help store farm products and prevent rotting or food destruction (Durant, 2012). Ancient Egypt’s history provides insight into the traditional cultures as well as the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms. The country’s past guides us from making similar mistakes that done in ancient times in our present and future times.

In fact, Egypt kingdoms and the reign of the kings helped Egypt become a leading super power in the Middle East. For instance, Egypt conquered Persia, it expelled and conquered the Assyrians and conquered the Nubian kings. Indeed, the following examples establish that Egypt was a super power and shaped the civilization in the world history. Its greatest period on earth fell between 3000-1000 BC and this period marked great innovations that made life easier for Egyptians (Hart, 2010). The Egyptians strived to gain knowledge and transformed it into creating and adopting lifestyles that turned Egypt into a small paradise on earth.

In conclusion, Egypt adds a great value to the lessons of history and provides meaningful experiences on which humankind can learn and avoid mistakes affecting humanity. It is evident that there are mistakes that can occur in making technological innovations. Thus, Egyptians offer lessons on how to avoid those mistakes and make great technologies in locomotion, military weapons, tractors and steam powers (Durant, 2012). It also provides great guidelines to world leaders to learn from the king’s wisdom on how they can implement policies that focuses on meeting the needs of population. The study of ancient Egypt illuminates our present and is crucial in providing insights thousands of years later.


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