Management Information System Essay Example

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The website introduces its users to the general concept around the university and the entire institutional process. The website platform simply has been designed to showcase the university operational process. The system simply provides a platform and support for ease accessibility of relevant information to the target audiences. For instance, the system informs of student study tools requirement, research services, IT support services, staff information, and student personal information among other services.

Main Business Processes

Supporting processes

The system provides core processes for the organization. Among the vital processes include the accounting services, technical support for the target audience accessing the system, and call centre services. Support processes is very important to the newly enrolled students ease of access of information, students viewing timetable for exams and, and counter checking fee balance.

Management Processes

The university website system management processes involve the governing of the operation system. Some of the typical management processes in the system entail the university image and strategic management to ensure that the target customers can access relevant and vast scope of information. The management processes are always geared towards promoting the organization image so as to continue wining the hearts of consumers (Funmilola 2015).

Student’s nameStudent’s name 1

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Context platform

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Generic Terms

Beneficiaries— The main beneficiaries are the students whom are to use the facilities and the resources of the university.

Resources and Services— University fee payment plans, producing student’s transcript, issuing of urgency notice to the university fraternity, and staff management

Institutional Resources— Transact student fees and payments, producing university reports, receiving comments from the students and the public, and managing employees work schedule such as leave and absenteeism.

Participants— Professors, lecturers, tutors, vice chancellor, and personnel staff,

Data— University departments, staff directory, fee balances, and class timetables

Technology- Technology entails the student school fees payment, displaying timetable for exams and student’s exam results, and student submitting reports such as research and term papers.

Context-The context of the website operates under competitive environment of tapping qualified students to enrol in the university. In this context, the institutional website context need to operate in a competitive, technical and regulatory realm to ensure students get quality products and services (Castells 2007).

Platform-The system platform entails the human and technical facilities that the website relies on. It is important to note that though the platform elements are managed outside the university website systems.


The elements within the website need to be a true reflection of what the organization can offer to the targeted consumer. Based on this case study, the elements within the system need to be a true reflection of the exact systems in the institution. As such, the system can be used to advertise the university to the public, showcase its legit by publishing relevant information for student and public accessibility, thus winning the hearts of the targeted audience. Basically, the website has been used to portray the image of the university by using the pictorial presentation, and the descriptions of relevant information for the public.

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