Hansen Technologies Limited Essay Example

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The Hansen Technologies Limited company has been in existence for more than 40 years offering customer care services and billing expertise. It helps in providing a solution to business through empowering operational excellence and achieving the customers’ expectations. These factors are discussed below;

Functions of the Company

The company has taken part in the public traded stock exchange in the Australian market. The major roles are delivering high-quality customer care services and providing solutions to the billing of utilities, telecommunications, paying TV services and energy.

Diversification of Market Approach

The Hansen Technologies Company provides comprehensive information technology services in leading organization from government to finance healthcare and manufacturing companies. The company provides data solution center, hosting applications and IT management.

Achievement Concepts

The company has a record of high achievement involvement in projects as it has comprehensive implementation methodologies that are significant in variety utility projects. Over a long period, the company has identified key concepts for project success. These concepts involve having extensive industry knowledge in specific dimensions. The availability of the qualified resources in undertaking the projects helps the company in providing high-quality services. The company has clearly elaborated roles and responsibilities that are signed with the projects parties.

Methods of Policy Implementations

Establishment of the implementation methodology has helped the Hansen Technologies Company in achieving the customer’s satisfaction. This has enabled the company in having partnership culture with all stakeholders especially the consumers depending on billing utilities.


The company’s management takes their positions thoroughly with the aim of improving the customer care relationship through enhancing higher performance in future. The company focuses on the providing high-quality services that have given it a high competitive advantage over the rivals.


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