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The old and the new in environmental management 2


The Old and the New in Environmental Management

The people’s agreement of Cochabamba was reached after a summit on the environment and global warming that was held in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. The main resolution in this summit was a return to ecocentrism as a way of managing the environment. Ecocentrism is a concept that places value on nature and not the wanton exploitation of natural resources by human to satisfy their needs (Mason, 2012). During the summit, indigenous and social change activist Tom Goldtooth emphasizes on the sacredness of the earth and the importance of indigenous communities as well as indigenous knowledge in protection of the environment (Tom B.K. Goldtooth on The Sacredness of Mother Earth | Bioneers, 2013). Adoption of this agreement as biding under international law would have consequences for developed nations as they would have to greatly reduce their greenhouse emission and this would affect production in their industries. This agreement also calls for financial and technological assistance from the developed nations to third world nations so as to help in environmental protection. Advantages of adopting this agreement under international law include protection of indigenous communities from the effects of global warming. Global warming has resulted in rising sea levels that threaten the livelihoods and homes of indigenous communities in Australia (Sea level rise in Kowanyama, Cape York, Australia, 2009). The agreement also calls for integration of traditional knowledge and modern scientific knowledge in the management of the environment. Indigenous knowledge has proved invaluable when coupled with scientific knowledge as observed in the case of Arnhem plateau of Australia where burning of patches of the forest to contain the spread of wild fires has resulted in reduction of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the forest fires (Fighting carbon with fire, Arnhem Land, Australia, 2009).

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