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Executive Summary

This report is consigned to project a new business idea which aims at providing English tutorial services for international students. More so, it seeks to evaluate problem and opportunities that have generated this idea. Subsequently, it will provide viable solutions which will produce desired outcomes. It also contains an already identified a target market through which this services will focus their efforts on. It is also inclusive of the operational plans that will be undertaken to ensure that the objectives of the business are achieved. Moreover, this report has clearly outlined the channel of distribution of the product it is offering. Finally, it outlays the exit strategy that it has in plan to act as a contingency plan (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006).

This reports stress on the fact that some students who come to Australia get their visa canceled due to recording poor attendance in schools. According to research conducted in regards to this issue, many responses pointed out to two factors. To begin with, language barrier acted as a factor that necessitated their low attendance. The majority of them were not conversant with the Australian language. In some cases, most of them had little knowledge of English language and could not express themselves adequately. This could be attributed to the fact that the language used in their native country is not English or English is given little emphases, unlike other languages (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006). As such communicating in English becomes rather challenging when they join institutions and leads to most of them dropping out.

Moreover, cultural shock is another factor that was seen to contribute largely to the absenteeism in institutions. This is due to the fact that most of them are unfamiliar with the culture, environmental conditions of Australia To begin with; the climatic conditions can affect them especially in winter seasons. It may take a while before they could fully adapt to this weather conditions. Moreover, their social life needs to change as they are forced to adapt to culture and find new friends to affiliate (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006).

According to further research, finding solutions that cater for the problems in hand would be beneficial in ensuring the success of the company as well as ensuring its sustainability. As such the solutions that we come up with were meant to complement the objectives of the business (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006). They include developing a comfortable and safe environment for study lesson to be conducted. Subsequently, our efforts will concentrate on ensuring the students are conversant with not only writing English efficiently but also communicating in English fluently. We will equip them with all the skills that they might require to overcome the barriers and limitations that they encounter. Our main market will be students who have just arrived in the country and those who require more training with regards to improving their English language.

In order to achieve, we devised an operational plan under which we stipulated the steps that we were going to follow in the pursuit of establishing the proposed institution. The building structures would be located in the central business D. It would be partitioned into several rooms n which the students will occupy. Secondly, we will deploy adequate tears or tutors who will provide quality education to the students. This forum will provide an opportunity for freelance as well to join in the tutor team. After establishing that we have all this in place, we will order a supply of equipment which will be used in the institution. This will include desks, chairs, among other equipment. Our aim is to provide the services directly to the students without using other intermediaries. The students are required to enroll in our institution and engage with the tutors directly (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006).

There are two strategies that we developed to mitigate failure and act as a contingency plan (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006). We intend to partner with either of two associations that we believe will help in supporting our business one of it begin Australian Tutoring Association. The other will be EA, which is the National English- Language Industry Association. We will regard one of the two which will approve our association with it and accept our policy.

In summary, therefore, these business prospects are well laid out and be used in this business without encountering major hiccups. This is because they are based on research and facts rather than assumptions.


The opportunity comes about from the gap created in between the arrival of international students and challenges they face while trying to adapt to the new culture (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006). Majority of them are not conversant with English language and are unable to further their studies efficiently. Research proves that they recorded the highest number of absenteeism with many citing culture shock and language barriers. As such we intend to develop institutions to equip them with necessary skills in a favorable environment. This is with the aim of intergrading them I to our culture which will lay a platform for them to adapt to this new environments quickly without significant difficulties. Furthermore, the rates at which the students are coming to this region are high and as such require training. Moreover, with this rates the industrial life cycle in this sector are expanding daily are estimated to raise the revenue growth in a period of five years.

Concluding Recommendation

In conclusion, the following are the recommendations that would help to boost the business if they are addressed. The aim of this business is to develop an institution that can accommodate students coming to Australia to learn English and acquire necessary skills necessary in speaking and writing. As such, it will be beneficial if the business got more funds from donors as it will have an impact not only on the students but the country as well. More so it will benefit from having appropriate exposure such as the media and billboards. This will increase the chance of many people being aware of its existence (Starkman, Scales, & Roberts, 2006).

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