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Associated Press Style

Significance of Associated Press Social Media Guidelines

The Associated Press Social Media Guidelines are significant in journalism because they require journalists to maintain professionalism at all times. Professionalism is to be retained by providing truthful publications and not expressing personal opinions on the day’s controversial issues (Associated Press, 2013). Journalists are required to have accounts on social media platforms. Journalists are also obliged to ensure that their opinions do not damage the reputation of Association Press. Regarding privacy, journalists are required to make sure that their personal information or information related to their colleagues cannot be used mischievously by unscrupulous people. Therefore, journalists are expected to customize their privacy settings on social media to determine with whom they share information, and what they share (Associated Press, 2013). Regarding following or friending, journalists are expected to accept social media friend requests from newsmakers and politicians for reporting purposes. However, AP staffers should understand that to the public, acceptance of such requests may portray Associated Press staffers as advocates.

Importance of Associated Press style on journalism

The Associated Press Style is important in journalism because it strives to ensure publications maintain elevated quality through the omission of errors regarding grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage of language (Associated Press, 2013). Additionally, the style strives to instill discipline to journalists based on the maintenance of brevity, clarity, accuracy, and consistency. In essence, the Associated Press Style is important because it strives to ensure the preservation of the same standards for authors and editors. Also, readers should also find the same format in all publications. Thus, the style sets a norm that all journalists should maintain; that is devoid of errors and that which maintains consistency globally.


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