Student/student Interactions Essay Example

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Student/student Interactions

Student/student Interactions

Form my observation; language is a significant aspect of culture at the university. I found out that language contributes to diversity. In the university, the students come from different backgrounds and countries of origin. Different cultures from which the students originate have a spoken language and individuals who speak the same language usually share the same culture. I observed that students from different cultures had a problem interacting, based on their native languages. For this reason, they have to find a common ground for understanding one another, through a common language. One notable aspect is language limitations (Andrade, 2006, p. 138). I observed that international students at the university experience some difficulties in interacting with the professors and other students. However, through my observation, it is clear that the university have tried to deal with this challenge by managing diversity in relation to language differences. For instance, the international students are given assistance to conquer difficulties linked with linguistic and cultural differences, as a way of enhancing their academic performance and their general well-being at the university.

As a university student, there are various aspects that shape one’s identity and experience, with regard to culture. Religion and socio-economic background have had a significant role in shaping my perspectives and experiences of university culture. The university have students from different religious beliefs. Although I am a Christian, I have seen the need to appreciate other religions and live in harmony with people of different religious beliefs, as a way of enhancing togetherness. Some of the aspects of religion that have been of concern to me include implications for diet and code of dressing. Through the understanding of the differences involved, one is in a position to appreciate the cultural diversity and embrace it, rather than discriminating individuals based on their religion. To a great extent, the university has put measures to accommodate various aspects of religion by giving opportunities for all students to freely exercise their religious rights, without any form of discrimination.

Socio-economic background is a real aspect of cultural diversity in the university. Students have different socio-economic status and they all have to find a way of fitting in one society, the university. Having a middle socio-economic status have made it easy for me to cope at the university, compared to the students with a low socio-economic status and have a lot to catch up and be at the same level with those from a high socio-economic background. All in all, every individual should strive towards achieving the best performance irrespective of their socio-economic status and other cultural differences.

Cultural differences are associated with professional as well as personal challenges in academics. Every university should strive towards managing the cultural diversity among the student population, as a way of enhancing their personal performance as well as that of the institution as a whole. International students should be given adequate attention and assistance necessary for their adjustment in a foreign country. All parties involved should take the responsibility for coming up with intercultural understandings for all.


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