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Gender Disсriminаtiоn Fоr Fеmаlе

Table of Contents

1Gender Disсriminаtiоn Fоr Fеmаlе

3Background information

4Objectives of the action plan

41. Women empowerment

5Action step

5Resource for action plan

6Timeline for action plan

6Risk for action plan

7Evaluation of action plan

82. Discouraging Gender Discrimination




Background information

Gender discrimination has been a chief contributor for several business organizations to stagnate and the incapability by relevant bodies to combat this problem worrying because it keeps escalating day in day out. However, it is very crucial for the society to put gender discrimination to an end so that women can also make the best out of the contemporary and its opportunities. There is absolutely no point living in a society where women are seen as inferior and weak human beings in this 21st century when they have clearly demonstrated that they are people who can be trusted with some responsibility just as their male counterparts (Alvesson, 2009, p.09). That woman should meekly submit to what men say is something anti-development, and as it has always been seen in most organizations, it is men who are trusted with top leadership while women have an option of settling for less prestigious posts like receptionists and secretaries among others. When this trend continues as it is at the moment, then it is evident that it is men’s world that women are helping to build. Thus, women must be empowered in the society so that they may as well enjoy its opportunities like men do (Williams and Dellinger, 2010). They are the ones who are affected most because they continue depending on men when they cannot access these opportunities, and this insinuates that they will never be independent minded as well because men control everything in the society including major decisions.

When women are constrained to submit to their husbands, it is likely that this will be passed to their children and the chain will continue even with the hundredth’s generation to come. Women deserve fair treatment because the society depends on them to produce healthy children who will later be of great use to the society. For them to actualize this dream, they have to be accorded the highest decorum they deserve, and this is why it is important to empower them (Reskin and Roos, 2009, p.11). In a business organization, the management should consider trusting them with leadership since the success of a company calls for active participation of both female and male employees. This task, therefore, seeks to discuss the action plans which will ultimately liberate women in our societies which are still male-dominated. It will majorly focus on a business organization

Objectives of the action plan

1. Women empowerment

Empowering women are critical for any organization which wishes to grow because women will be the part of growth any business organization wants to attain. It makes no sense when an organization wants to make millions of profits while they leave internal issues which could block them from registering that profit unattended to. When we consider the management of most business organization we realize that it is men who dominate the top posts. This means the organizations fail to acknowledge women and assume that their input is very insignificant for the company’s growth (Bobbitt, 2011, p.20). To empower women, several seminars should be organized for them, and they should always be encouraged to attend them. Women who are considered to have made it in the struggle to get a position in the society should be invited as this will help in inspiring the lot who still see themselves as occupying the most bottom pile position in the social pile.

Action step

In an organization, the management should organize for them seminars and invite speakers to motivate them. These could be successful business ladies or business manageresses from elsewhere. This is an enormous step towards empowering women in the society since most of them will definitely benefit from the seminars and have a different way of viewing things afterward.

Resource for action plan

The organizations should make an appeal to the government to facilitate these workshops since there is always money allocated for the purpose of women empowerment and this is how the funds can be best utilized (Alvesson, 2009, p.12). If there is any case of financial shortage, the organization should always be willing to supplement as this will significantly convince the women in being empowered that the company is indeed in full support of the activity. There are also some Non-Governmental Organizations which are committed to empowering women, and they will never hesitate to help when they are informed concerning the happenings. They will definitely chip in to aid towards facilitating the seminar.

Timeline for action plan

The seminar should run for one week to all enough time for all areas to be fully covered. Women empowerment is a broad field which cannot be concluded within a matter of hours because it includes both empowerment at society level and individual level. Women must first appreciate themselves for men to understand them. It is usually witnessed that women do not vote for fellow women but rather vote men when organizations hold elections. This insinuates that they do not trust their fellow females, and this is not okay for people who want to be trusted. They must have confidence in themselves first (Reskin and Roos, 2009, p.19).

Risk for action plan

This seminar is however accompanied by some risks to the organization because when all women are engaged in the lesson, then their positions will undoubtedly remain unoccupied and this will lead to an organization incurring losses. However, there should always be a plan which is already set to ensure these positions temporarily left be vacant do not ruin the entire running of the organization (Duehr and Bono, 2006, p.33). Their male colleges should be assigned more roles with extra allowances if possible so that they can take charge of these responsibilities for the mean time. The activities of an organization should not stop at any given time just because there is a woman empowering seminar going on because this might put the organization at a high risk of losing customers. Besides, it is just a short term objective. The management must, therefore, be mindful of this and thoroughly work on it such that when the seminar eventually starts confusion never accompanies it.

Evaluation of action plan

To monitor the progress of my action plan, I will seek the opinions of people involved, the women, and this will enable me to come up with a conclusion as to whether the seminar went down well with them or not (Reskin and Roos, 2009, p.71). It is important to get the feedback from the women the horse mouth since it is because of women that the seminar was held, and it will only merit the sacrifice of the organization and any other party involved if it benefits them. When the women come out of the seminar looking very determined, then the seminar has had a positive impact on them, but when there is no significant change then it means there is a need to call for another seminar as this may have not really helped them.

Appendix 1 The table shows a summary of my first objective

2. Discouraging Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is an enemy of development and should, therefore, be discouraged at all costs if an organization wishes to achieve its goals.

Action step

For an organization to curb gender discrimination successfully, clear policies should be set as this will help in ensuring that people adhere to rules which govern women’s rights.

Resource for action plan

The organization will set aside some funds to facilitate the printing of regulation which will later be pinned on the walls for all employees to access (Bobbitt, 2011, p.43). There must be clear policies which clearly define the consequences should somebody violate these rules.


This is going to take two weeks since it requires extensive consultations. It is likely to be accompanied by risks of male employees feeling less protected or less valued anyway. The plan is likely to work considering that people are very positive towards the set policies. Because this is a long-term objective, I expect people to adapt to it with time.

Strict rules should be set to ensure that women are not discriminated whatsoever at their workplaces because it is clear that some people still discriminate them basing their minds on

Risk for action plan

This action plan might get some obstacles since male colleagues will fell that their female counterparts are favored within the premises. This may lead to passive misbehaviors from them thus putting the company at a risk of incurring losses.

Evaluation of action plan

The plan is likely to work considering that women will engage in this activity withal zeal hoping that it will soon open ways for them in the society and at work place all the same. When the success of an organization disturbs everybody, then there is no point in discriminating a colleague by gender. There is a need for people to work collectively for the betterment of the organization and therefore, whoever discriminating women should be punished accordingly (Duehr and Bono, 2006, p.67). The policies are likely to take long before people fully adopt considering that any environment in which an organization operates is male dominated, and this is a fact somebody which cannot just wake up and change within a matter of hours. It, therefore, requires patience and total cooperation from both men and women for it to be actualized. Most people are yearning for a change with regards to how women are viewed, but it has not been easy to change because our the society holds very low opinion on women and this has extended to workplaces, churches, schools among others. Some people ultimately do not see anything new in females, and this is should stop or else it will keep on extending into generations to come.

Women have proved to be very competent in their workplaces, and they have demonstrated extensive knowledge even in some areas people have always believed it is men who can do. There are several organizations which are doing pretty well under the leadership of women, and this is a challenge to all men who still doubt the leadership of women and a wake-up call to all women who still think it is men’s world they are helping in the building.

Appendix 2 The table shows a summary of my second objective.


In conclusion, gender discrimination is an enemy of development and should be avoided at all costs if women have to make the best out of the contemporary society and its opportunities. Gone are the days women were discriminated based on their gender, and this is a widespread appeal to everyone who still views women as occupying the bottom-most position in the social pile because this is the same belief they extend to workplaces. Women should also wake up and fight for their place in the society. It is the high time people should reject the unprogressive ideas in the organizations and instead crusade for the championing of women.


APPENDIX 1 The table shows a summary of my first objective

Action step


Organizing a seminar which draws people (especially women) from different parts of the world to motivate women. Among them are women who have made significant contributions and achievements back in their companies.

The seminar had significant impact in the lives of women as most of them reported back full of zeal and determination to succeed.


The seminar was facilitated by three different sources which included the government, the Non-Governmental Organization and the organization itself.


There was a risk of losing customers considering that their positions were left vacant during that period. However, male colleges agreed to hold the responsibilities during that seminar period


The seminar in deed went down well with most women as they appeared to be much focused afterwards. They learned to appreciate themselves rather than to take pity in themselves as inferior human beings

APPENDIX 2 The table below shows the summary of second objective

Action Step


Setting policies governing women’s rights and the consequences should somebody violate them

People gradually complied with the rules and this discouraged gender discrimination.


The organization facilitated the whole process


Two weeks

Male employees felt their female counterparts are favored which was a threat to their motivation


It was likely to work because most people complied with the rules.


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