Motivation in learning Essay Example

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Motivation is regarded as “an internal psychological state that accounts for initiation, direction and mantainance of behavior,” (Rubie-Devis, 2011). It is largely attributed to a process which affect the way of someones behavior, strength, conviction and persistence in pursuing their obligations and life commitments. Motivation starts with an individual’s goal, desires or believes to achieve and work tirelessly towards their convictions. People may be motivated for various reasons. This has led to two concepts namely; intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

The concept of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is very relevant in learning. Some learners are motivated in learning due to interest or enjoyment in the learning tasks and scenerios. This motivation resides within the individual and is not subject to any external force and is refered to as intrinsic motivation (Stipek, 1988) .On the other hand, their are learners commited to do tasks to attain certain outcomes or rewards and this motivation is called extrinsic motivation. Also, there are students who are not motivated at all. All in all, motivation is largely driven by goals, insights, believes, intellect, passion, hard work and ambitions. These values are significant in a learning environment because a motivated learner will enjoy challenges and have a strong desire to prosper or to achieve. Those who are not motivated may disregard challenges as burden and always avoid them.

According to Marshall (2006), it is necessary that educators and parents instil a sense of motivation to learners. In regard to this, I recommend two sites for motivational resources namely “” and “”. “” provides a variety of motivational literature alongside other vital tools like quotes, videos, songs, poems, speeches and articles. The site is a real source of inspiration and in fact, it is classified as one of the top motivational sites ever on the planet. In addition, the “” is a notable motivation resource center. The site has inspiration resources too for teachers, students and parents. It provides motivation newslates, behavior management, vidoes among other vital resources (Marshall, 2006).

In conclusion, motivation is a vital phenomena in students that drives them to achieve desired goals or outcomes. It enables them to excel in their academic activities. However, hard work and resilience are notable values which should go hand in hand with motivation.


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