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Assesssment of Netronics current hardware and software and licenses. Essay Example

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Nеtwоrk instаllаtiоn

  1. Assesssment of Netronics current hardware and software and licenses.

  1. Netronics current lab computers have the following hardwares:

  1. Processor: AMD Athlon ™ 64×2 Dual core Processor 5200+ 2.70 GHz

  2. Video Adapter and Monitor: Super VGA (800 x600).

  3. System type: 32-bit Operating system.

  4. Memory (RAM): 1 Gb

  5. Hard Disk: 40 GB

  6. Cisco Switch 1851

  1. Netronics current lab computes have the following softwares:

  1. Window xp service pack 3

  2. Window server 2003

  3. Ms word 2003

  4. Ms powerpoint 2003

  5. Ms excel 2003

  6. Corel Draw version

2.Analyse the viability of the current hardware and software against the network requirements

The Operating System (Windows XP) that is used in Netronics Enterprises labs have been found to have a number of flaws, while some are minor, a few of these flaws put both the end-users and the company at a significant disadvantages.

    1. Multiple computers: XP cannot be installed on many PC because the activation key for window XP is limited to one computer. If a computer technician need to instal window XP on a different PC, the computer technician will be required to purchase a new activation license and this has been costly to the company.

    2. System Memory (RAM): window XP can only support upto 4 gigabyte (GB) if system memory. This has the company at a disadvantage if the computer technician want to run those applications that require a lot of system memory to function properly.

    3. DirectX: window XP is found to support DirectX upto version nine. This cause games to look graphically less appeling when programs are installed in window XP, and the only solution is to upgrade to Windows 7 or higher.

    4. Computer drivers: most of Window XP dirvers are outdated or the hardwares window XP are made for are no longer in existence or in use.

    5. Viruses: Window XP has been a prime tarket for viruses or malware creators. Therefore using the internet without anti-virus software is dangerous for end user, because most viruse that target window XP are found to collect personal information for end users or cause irreparable damage to the operating system.

    6. Window XP has no inbuilt chipset drivers making new installations time-consuming.

    7. Window XP is expensive to buy and it is prone to crashes and hence its unstable.

Basic Network Requirements list for the Netronics Enterprises LAN 3.

Student ID:


  • Processor:

  • Hard Drive

  • Graphic Card

  • Operating System:

  • Monitor –

ii.Application software

  • Anti-virus

iii. Cabling

  • Cross cables: for connecting switches to switches.

  • Straight through cables: for connecting switches to router; PC to switches, printers to switches.

  • Rolled over cable: for connecting PC to router or PC to switches during installation.

  • HDMI cable: for connecting priters or other devices to the PCs.

4. Teechnical specifications of the hardware required.

  • 2.4 GHz+ (i5 or i7 series Intel processor or equivalent AMD)Processor: dual core

  • Hard Drive: 1000 GB or larger solid state hard drive.

  • Graphic Card: Intel

  • Operating System: Window 7 Professionals.

  • Monitor — 23″ widescreen LCD with DVI support — desktop only

  • Ethernet Cable: CAT 5 or CAT 6

  • coaxial cable

  • twisted pair cables

  • optical fiber

  • wireless

5. Evaluate and choose the right network hardware

g.Develop an installation plan for all the Hardware and Software. Ensure you schedule time to conduct installation with minimal disruptions to client.

Installation Plan

Training of Implementation Staff

Installation of Operating system

Installation of Microsoft office

Installation of devices such as printers, wireless etc

Create a Policy and Procedure for users in the Networkf.

Policy and Procedure

Network and computer policy will apply to all users and usage of the company data and computer and voice networks.

a.Computer and network policy apply to personal computers, host computer systems, data set, software, and other resources which may be accessed by end users of Netronic enterprises or voice communication network.

b. All users in the network are required to comply with Netronic enterprise network and computer usage policy.

c. By using the computer or network infrastructure, an end user consents to these policies and procedures and all other policies not mentioned implemented unde the Network Policy.

Netronic Enterprises business pursuits. Limite use of the network and computer resources is allowed, but priority will be given to usage for

  1. Users of the Netronic enterprises voice or data netowke may access the internet for personal usage but the company will not be responsible for privacy or security of message or data transmitted for such purposes.

  2. The company does not guarantee reliability, availability or capacity of voice or internet connection for personal usage.

  3. User assume full responsibility for the legality of any documents or personal data stored in the company computers.

  4. End users in the network may store a limited amount of personal documets and data not related to their work on a porsonal computer. If computer storage is at maximum, end users will be asked to remove such documents or personal data.

  5. End users are cautioned that display of videos, or use of audio materials on personal computers during work is not acceptable practices.

End users in the network may are not allowed to modify the organisation network configuration or wiring.

  1. Network names of printers, computers and other devices attached to the network may not be changed.

  2. Network cabling may not be spliced, cut or moved from their installed location.

  3. Network switchesm hubs or wireless routers may not be added to an existing port without authorised permission.

  4. Netronic enterprisesPersonal computers should not be configured to serve as gateways or routers to other internal, networks or external to

End users are not allowed to engage in those activities which will degrade the network performance or those activities which will interfere with other end users’ access to network and computer resources.

  1. Intentional creation or spreading of viruses is prohibited

  2. Propagation or intitiation of email chain letters in prohibited.

  3. Overloading network storage areas with unnecessary or personal data is prohibited. Overloading network services by using email spamming, hacking tools or other means are not allowed.

End users are required to respect company data privacy and other confidentiality.

  1. Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to company information will be treated as violation of privacy, even if such information is publicly available through authorised means.

  2. Unauthorised monitoring of communication is forbidden in the company network.

  1. Searching through directories to find unprotected information is a violation.

  2. Special access to information or other special computing privileges are to be used in performance of official duties only. Information obtained through special privileges is to be treated as confidential.