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Helena should agree to opening a branch in Miami since the move will enhance the brand value and visibility of Unamano and possibly attract more strategic partners in the long-run. Unamano’s mission is to transform emerging countries by supporting high-impact entrepreneurship. The mission statement is strongly aligned with its strategy and vision of opening affiliates in 25 countries. One of the guidelines that Unamano applies to determine location eligibility is the presence of difficulties in accessing funding and crucial start-up support. Clearly, Miami, being a city in a developed country failed to meet the threshold. However, it is equally difficult for entrepreneurs in Miami to start or scale up their business as it is in other cities in emerging markets. This means that Miami’s unfavourable conditions for start-ups require a firm like Unamano to provide solutions.

Helena’s views Unamano’s focus in emerging markets as a strategic position. Unamano has focused on supporting entrepreneurs in emerging markets as its strategy. However, Conrad appears to favour an emergent approach to strategy where accidental discoveries lead to strategy remodelling. If a firm adopts an emergent approach to strategy formulation and implementation, there is a high likelihood that operational plans and the mission of the company will be altered. For example, Unamano will have to redefine its mission statement if it opens an affiliate in Miami. Consequently, Unamano will expand its scope of operations from its emerging countries niche to all countries of the world. However, if Unamano will be able to justify its new strategic orientation to its key stakeholders, there is a good possibility that the company will achieve better results in terms of supporting high-impact entrepreneurship. Moreover, opening an affiliate in Miami may not be very damaging to the Unamano brand as the city’s entrepreneurs lack access to support and financing, which are the core benefits offered by Unamano.

I agree with Linda Rottenberg’s advice to Helena on the question of opening an affiliate in Miami. Linda observes that Miami lacks critical scale-up support for entrepreneurs. This means there is a gap that organizations such as Unamano can fill by offering support to entrepreneurs. Linda faced a similar situation with her non-profit group that supports entrepreneurial scale-ups. Linda’s organization conducted extensive research and eventually adopted the idea of setting up an affiliate in Miami and integrated the broadened focus into the organization’s mission. Helena should as well consider opening up in Miami as she would increase Unamano’s visibility in U.S. This will offer Unamano an opportunity to scale up enterprises and invest in deserving but disadvantaged entrepreneurs in Miami such as Helena’s cousin. Apart from achieving its mission of supporting high-impact entrepreneurship in Miami, Unamano will also get a chance to develop long-term strategic relationships with new partners in the U.S. who will help the organizations achieve its goals at a global level. A local media mogul in Miami had already offered Unamano $3 million in investments to set up an affiliate in the city. Linda Rottenberg’s advice to Helena is certainly in the best interests of Unamano.