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Strategy 2

Running header: Strategy (S)

Strategy (S)

Based on the analysis of the factors and forces in place, Helena should open an office in Miami, Florida. This is because the factors that are in support of the opening up of the office exceed those that are against. Based on the analysis, therefore, she should go ahead with the opening up process. There are some factors that have been identified as being in the lead behind the opening up of the offices. These factors show the benefits that will accrue to the not for profit organization with opening up a branch in Miami and the results and impacts that this will have to its general performance.

As pointed out, Miami is characterized by a high rate of unemployment. In this city also, there is also a rising tendency of income inequality among the people who live in the city. The third trait of Miami is that it has developed to have an inhospitable environment for entrepreneurs seeking to start and developing the city. These however are the basis of the criteria that the organization headed by Helena takes into consideration before embarking on a city. The city of Miami therefore has attained and met all the requirements to become a destination whereby the organization can start up its businesses. She further goes ahead to point out that in her growing up in the city, she noted the welcoming and diverse cultures in the city. The businesses in the city are also described as being vibrant. With this therefore, it fits into the scale of being enrolled into the program.

The organization has placed keen attention on entering Latin cities. The city of Miami falls into this category due to many factors. The first is that the majority of the people in the county speak Spanish. It also has a population of over one million Latin Americans. The young population also of the city who are educated also gives room for the proper development of entrepreneurial culture. The high population of the city also provides a large consumer market. The city also provides room for success due to the low levels of competition on the entrepreneurial front. The capital that is also required for the development into the city is also available from different sources exemplified by the three million by a person in the city to foster entrepreneurship.

The advice from Linda also comes in Handy in the embarking on the city. It should therefore be considered by Helena. This is because, at first before her organization embarked on the city, there were many doubts as to the development into the city. Their doubts were later proved wrong by the outpouring of talent experienced in the city. The venturing into the city bore much fruit and the development of entrepreneurial culture was fostered. According to Linda, this move went on further ahead to aid in the creation of brand recognition across the whole country. She even goes ahead to point out that their embarking into the city was met with an outpouring of talent of the people from the city of Miami. The move therefore attracted mentors into the organization.

Based on this therefore, it is advisable that Helena and her organization should embark into the city of Miami. By doing this, they will be in line with attaining more results than they had anticipated or expected. This is seconded by the move by Linda and her organization into the city and the results that this brought to the whole organization.


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