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Strategy and Leadership

Project leadership is such a fundamental concern to any stakeholder in relation to any project. The shareholders of the company have varied demands and expectations that they anticipate to attain. Regardless of the project, shareholders are more concerned about the ability of the investment to generate sufficient revenue to cover not only total costs, but also incur some profits. Therefore, in this kind of setting, the shareholders of this old quarry would definitely want to achieve high profitability. In order to attain that, there is need to ensure that leadership culture adopted is suitable. The following are some of the guidelines that one can use to identify the best leadership culture to be adopted for the old quarry:

  • The options that will be utilized by the leader in undertaking remediation of the old quarry

  • The strategies that will be used by the leader to make the intended best use of an old quarry

  • The time and resources required by the leader to undertake decomposition of the old quarry site which is very crucial

  • The level of persuasion and charisma of the leader through communication of the quarry project vision

  • The level of trust and confidence that the leader bestows upon the team members in achieving specific objectives of the quarry

  • How the leader will participate in the decision relating to rezoning of the land to increase its quality

  • The prowess of the leader when it comes to mobilization of resources in quarry project management arena.

  • The degree of involvement by the leader into the decision making process when undertaking key activities in the quarry like remediation

  • The level of influence that the project leader has on the team members on implementing the recommendations about the quarry

  • The team spirit ability of the leader in setting and achieving remediation and decontamination goals concerning the old quarry

  • The level of involvement of team members in the decision making of the project execution plan

  • The character and the personality of the leader and how it affects the ease of completely transforming the quarry

The choice of the leadership style is determined by many factors. In this case, the leader is in charge of an old quarry and the specific leadership traits must be suitable to this project. In order for this to be achieved, all factors must be put into consideration. Having assessed the required characteristics and traits listed, the most suitable leadership is participative. Participative leadership allows the contribution of the other members into the affairs of the project. This is determined by the fact that the quarry requires a lot of remediation and corrective measures in order to attain the required standards.

Part B: Project Communication

The success of any project is to a large extend is determined by the communication medium adopted. It is appropriate in order to effect the mobilization of the required resources for the benefit of the organization. These communication styles for the quarry must be guided by many factors among them the diversity of the team members. At the end of it, the project leader must ensure that the project execution is not affected by communication. The following are some of the considerations to be made when selecting the communication strategy for the old quarry project:

  • The best communications approach must ensure it reaches all the targeted people

  • The ability of the selected communications strategy to solve challenges facing the project execution

  • The ability to inform all the team members on their roles in relation to the restructuring plan for the old quarry

  • The communication style must be unique to different stakeholders of the organization i.e. the board, management, employees, etc.

  • The style must ensure that the vision of the project is effectively communicated throughout the team

  • The ability of the style selected to be able to communicate the status/progress of the project to the organization as well as other concerned stakeholders

  • The communication style must ensure that the concerned stakeholders are able to visualize the end of the project.

  • The use of diagrams, graphs, tables and flow charts is very significant as a mechanism of ensuring effective communication of the project progress

  • The communication strategy must put into consideration the overall needs of the audience

  • It must ensure that all the key areas of the project are addressed at all times to facilitate meeting of the required timeframes

  • The project communication strategy selected must be able to utilize the available communication tools for the interest of the organization in overall

  • The suitability of a particular communication style must be in line with the project leader to use those tools

  • The communication strategy must be analysed at the initial stage of the project to ensure that is in line with the goals to be achieved in line with the project

  • The frequency of communication is also very critical in selecting the communication strategy for the organization

  • In selecting the communication strategy, the issue of technology must also be factored in in order to ensure effectiveness


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