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Strategic marketing report


The changes in smartphone market call for adequate planning and integration of modern technology to ensure that a company retains a competitive advantage in the long run. Apple and Samsung are the two most dominant companies in the smartphone industry and have the largest market share across the globe. Even though Apple have had accelerated growth in the past, there has been cases where the company growth rate has declined, sales stagnated and at the same time recorded a decrease in profit. However, this has been as a result of the reduction in the Chinese market sales given that it is the second largest Apple market across the globe. Therefore, there is a need to adjust the marketing strategies for the Apple iPhone for the next five years to ensure that the operations of the company are successful in the long run. The decline in the Chinese market calls for a change in strategy given that it has further been compounded by the economic stagnation of the Chinese market.

Target Market

China and United States are the primary target markets for Apple iPhone in terms of sales. The increase in competition in the market and the economic stagnation of the Chinese economy has drastically contributed to the decline in sales. Therefore, Apple should focus on other markets and specifically the developing economies such as India to minimize the risk of over-relying on two markets. Decreased demand for Apple iPhone has also had major effects on the company stocks reducing the value of the shareholders in the long run (Todd, 2). There is a need to invest in other markets, and this will aid in improving its returns over the long term. Even though the company has a considerable presence in developing and stable economies such as India, Turkey and at the same focus on other developed economies across Europe such as UK and France among others. Most of the iPhone consumers have a habit of purchasing more mobile applications as compared to other android users which make it necessary for Apple to ensure that their phone can incorporate multiple applications on their phones.

Customers in this cases require the mobile phones to incorporate modern technology and through this have the ability to meet their diverse needs which are significant if Apple is to gain a competitive advantage in the market (Austin, 37). Customers in the smartphone market are always in search of the mobile phones that can help in the interaction process, improves their lives and assist them in the day to day activities. Furthermore, certain features such as better a longer lasting service are paramount in the mobile phone market which Apple must integrate into the new models. Market expansion will be critical towards making sure that the current decline in market share and the poor performance of the Apple stock is salvaged. The Apple iPhone consumers buying habits involve the purchase applications in the Apple store and therefore incorporating various mobile apps. Furthermore, the iPhone users often purchase 37% more of the mobile applications in comparison with the Android users an aspect that should be used in the strategic management process. More focus, therefore, should be in integrating a variety of apps in the Apple store to meet the needs of the target market (Caitlin, 13). iPhone customers have a habit of acquiring new and innovative iPhone ones they have been introduced in the market. However, this depends on the whether the new iPhone has advanced capabilities to meet the needs of the target population. If the consumer satisfaction is achieved, then Apple iPhone users are likely to recommend to others thereby increasing the sales of the mobile phones.

Apple iPhone Product Strategy

Apple smartphones are unique in the way they are structured and also the way the logo is designed unique which is easy to identify in the market. In this case, Apple has been able to achieve market differentiation in the market given that while others rely on the Android systems to power off their mobile phones, Apple smartphones rely on Apple’s iOS which integrates features such as Apple store. In this case, Apple should mainly focus on the differentiation since it helps the company ion achieving better positioning in the market due to their uniqueness (John, 142). Furthermore, Apple should focus more on the security given that security has become a major issue over the years especially due to the prevalence of viruses which has contributed to the loss of private information. The consistent update of the Apple iPhone operating system is frequently updated to help in improving the security of the mobile phones and protecting the users in the long run. Therefore, Apple should focus on providing the consistent update of the operating system to ensure that the right shield is established in the long term and that Apple can provide the right operating systems to the users. There have been cases where multiple of mobile apps across the Apple Store has been removed after being affected by malware (Joanna and Dalakas, 180) Apple can also focus on improving the privacy in respect to the use of the smartphones. The focus on security features can help in propelling the company to strategically position itself in the market in the next five years. Just like Apple iPhone was the first to use the Secure Enclave and other passcodes, the same strategies can be used to improve the users’ privacy and the personalization process. Therefore, focus on customization is crucial for the long-term survival of the of the Apple smartphones. Through this, the focus should be in promoting user-friendly mobile phones by availing multiple designs and thereby improving the customer satisfaction (Tim, 45).

Pricing Strategy

Apple Inc. normally follows the premium pricing strategy when delivering various smartphones in the market. However, given that the primary focus should be on the developing economies where there are multiple of middle-income consumers, the same premium pricing can be maintained. Furthermore, the use of iPhone enable the users to access multiple platforms which justify the pricing of the iPhone. However, Apple should ensure that iPhone are customizable to help in structuring them to meet the user’s needs.

Distribution/Supply Chain Strategy

Currently, most products are available on the online platform. However, Apple Inc. should establish distribution centers to ensure that the mobile phones are availed in the market as soon as possible. However, the retail centers should also be used. This will help in incorporating various marketing inputs.

Integrated Marketing Communication (Promotion) Strategy

The use of social media essential for the success of Apple iPhone in the next five years. The evolution of social and the use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can be beneficial to Apple. A platform such as YouTube can be used to post videos which will help in establishing the right connection with the consumers in the market. Though this, Apple can be able to create the valuable customers appeal in the next five years especially by interacting with the customers to help in identifying their needs and the changes that they may need to be enacted in the manufacture of the Apple smartphones. By interacting with the customers across the Facebook platform and other social media sites will be fundamental especially if the company is to incorporate customers inputs into the iPhone model. The superiority of the Apple research and development will further succeed if the social media is used effectively. This will also be crucial when improving the public relation and in safeguarding the company brand.


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