Identify Customer Needs Essay Example

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Identify Customer Needs

Lack of parking areas for vehicles leads to an increased number of bike customers.

Quality bikes with different price points.

Different sizes and styles of bikes.

Friendly interaction between the bike shops and the customers,

Segment Customer Groups

University Students

The local business employees

The bicycle shops in town

Specify Technologies

The bikes are hooked on the latest fad.

Smart generation bikes have been introduced by the company.

The bicycle frames are lighter and slimmer than before.

The steel handlebars are easier to maneuver as they are more streamlined.

The bike sharing app on smart phones is efficient and easy to use.

The bikes have an inbuilt GPS and can hence be safe anywhere.

DEMONSTRATE Strategic Competitiveness

The price is constrained hence affordable to the customers.

The bicycles are time efficient ,especially for the students who get to the university punctually.

The bicycles are also space efficient and the students can park them within the university compound.

The new features in the new generation bikes make them more efficient.

The bikes have a positive health impact and are environmental friendly.

DEFINE & QUANTIFY Above Average Returns

Obike has an ease of return attributed to the use of credit cards and the demerits are given to the users (Liew 2017, p. 2).

External Environment

The Obike Company involves in the bike-sharing business, especially in London. The company operates within different countries.

Internal Organisation

The internal organization is made up of an excellent management team, which, ensures bike-sharing is conducted strategically.

Vision & Mission

The company aims at changing the short distance travel through integration of technology, enhancing the quality of life, especially through art and making people easy to get along and eventually changing life.

Business Level Strategy

The stationless bike model used in the organization is efficient as it allows the firm to conduct bike-sharing with other organizations.


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