Stock market game Essay Example

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AGL Energy Limited (AGK) controls Australia’s largest natural gas and electricity and dual fuel customer base supplying over 3.2 million customer accounts. In addition AGK has substantial long term gas supply contracts, a growing portfolio of upstream coal seam gas reserves and utilizes the derivative markets. The reason I chose to buy this counter on my first day of trading and in the order serialized in my excel spread sheet is because AGL Energy is a company that has consistently paid good dividends in the past years since the year 2008 and their profit before tax has been growing over the period (smartInvest 2011).

Ansell Ltd is a healthcare company and the decision to buy their stocks is through the observation that the healthcare industry had achieved strong performance in a challenging environment. In a speech read by

Bank of Queensland is in the financial sector and I had anticipated good performance in the sector but I later had to sell the counter due to poor performance brought by the recent Tsunami to hit Japan.

Caltex is in the oil refinery and marketing and in producing transport fuels but the stock performed poorly in the wake of political instability in major oil producing Arab countries which saw to the rise in the cost of crude oils globally and a reduction in revenues for the company. (Caltex 2011)

Boart Longyear was purchased with the anticipation that business was good in the wake of numerous discoveries of oil in its wells in Africa.

that has two subsidiaries namely Rio Tinto plc and Rio Tinto Ltd. The company has been able to give superior returns to shareholders overtime. The counter seemed particularly impressive for the business putting sustainable development as their stronghold. (Tinto 2011)

The other counters that I bought were purely on the basis of speculation that they would be able to yield impressive returns in the short run due to market dynamics.


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