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Delegation does not amount to indicate effectiveness of a modern leader in a contemporary organization. Leadership amounts to leading the employees and the entire organization towards achieving its respective goals and objectives. In addition, it amounts to alignment of duties of all departments as part of the organizational strategy. Delegation can be ineffective without appropriate coordination, supervision, control and oversight from the managers. Managers in essential leadership positions provide their subordinates with the direction in terms of execution of organizational duties, responsibilities and strategies. A leader illustrates the important of efficiency through leading by example. The subordinates are inclined to execute their duties and responsibilities by following the example provided by the leader. For instance, the success of Apple as one of the most profitable firms of the 21st century is largely attributed to the employee relations strategy employed by Steve Jobs who is credited for the success of this firm. His approach largely involved an inclusive attitude towards decision-making and planning activities within the organization. This was essential towards sourcing new ideas and utilizing the skills and talents of all the employees at an optimum level.

Responsibility is essential for any organization as it amounts to ensuring ethical and moral conduct within the organization. Furthermore, it enhances and ensures that standard policies and procedures are adhered to by all within the entity. However, a leader cannot be held liable for the ineffectiveness and incapability of the employees but is rather liable for the lack of providing the employees with direction towards achievement of organizational strategies. All employees have different skills, talents and abilities and thus should be motivated differently as a means of ensuring optimum productivity in their respective duties and responsibilities. Innovation and technology giants such as Google and Facebook attribute their successes to the strategies employed by their leaders. Developing relationships with employees by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook has been essential towards the success of this technology giant. The employees feel appreciated and motivated towards contributing to the innovations and creativity activities in the organization.

Leading by example is essential in the modern organization as a means of illustrating strength and setting the pace for other employees. However, working together with other employees is considered as one of the most effective strategies towards ensuring that all employees are motivated towards their respective optimum output. In addition, planning and decision is deemed as highly effective, if other parties such as employees on all levels of the organization are included in decision-making process and organizational planning. This creates a sense of worth among employees thus driving them towards optimum levels of output in their respective organizational duties and responsibilities. For instance, Virgin Atlantic airline owner and chief executive officer Richard Branson attributes his wealth to using a different and personalized style of management. He sets standards of practice and conduct for his employees by conducting himself in the highest manner. This ensures that he develops an attitude among his employees towards high consideration of quality standards practices as a means of providing efficient and high quality services to the customers. He observes respect for all irrespective of gender and race through appreciation of individual skills, abilities and talents.