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Couple statement 1

Memories of my first meeting with Aaron – on the 23rd day of April in 2011 – are still fresh in my mind. The first time I met Aaron was in a barbeque. My friend had extended an invitation to me for a barbeque on the beach on arrival; I was introduced to a group of young people most of whom were bust with the activities at the barbeque. Majority of the people at the barbeque were young people and Aaron stood out by the way he played the big brother role. He was a utility member in the group and helped in more than a couple of areas within the barbeque setting. As he was helping out in the different areas, I was amazed by his communication skills and as time went by, it became harder and harder to take off my gaze from his muscular body and his handsome face. In the midst of his involvement in the barbeque activities, I could help but give a hand to Aaron. He was easy to get along with and he was always ready to listen and talk about any topic I raised. He was the source of so much amusement and ever humorous in his conduct. Interaction with Aaron caused time to fly and the day was over sooner than anyone anticipated. It was such a joy to interact with Aaron and it would be unfair if we would have not exchanged contacts at the end of the day.

A week after the barbeque, Aaron contacted me through text and invited me to Glebe Markets which I gladly accepted. On meeting him for the second time, he was well dressed and it was such a delight to see him for the second time. He had dressed casually but there was nothing casual about his smile or good looks. To me, Aaron was getting more handsome with time and every moment spent with him was made worthwhile. Time at the Glebe Markets was a pleasant experience that we ended up not only eating sushi together, but also taking a walk around the Darling Harbor and enjoying dinner together. During our time together, I got to know more about Aaron and found out that we had a lot of interests in common. Conversations about our favorite music and foods were endless and we planned to visit Chinese restaurants and enjoy Chinese cuisine as we were both great lovers of Chinese foods. As the evening drew closer to an end, he offered to take me to the train stations and we both shared our goodbyes reluctantly.

Our communications grew and were upgraded from simple text messages to chat messages. The chat sessions would last hours and were always had something to talk and or make fun about. We planned many more dates and he would often come to Sydney or I would travel to Wollongong and meet him up. Every minute spent with Aaron was precious and I got to like every aspect of his romance, modesty, and his keenness on details and small issues.

On the eighth day of October in 2011, Aaron and I became one. He would – every other time – kiss me on the lips and hold my hands whenever we were together. With every new dawn, our relationship continued to grow and heat up. It became so hard for me to live without him around. As our relationship grew, we decided to move in together and this took place on the twenty eighth day of January in 2012. Now I had the pleasure of seeing him go to bed and rise up as well as undertaking activities together. Waiting for him to get home in the evening and having dinner together became activities that I cherished very much. Being close to him has helped me grow in this relationship and I am satisfied every new day.

On the eighth day of June in 2013, which is also my birthday, Aaron made a reservation in a restaurant and all I thought at first was that the night was meant to celebrate my birthday. As the soft music played in the dim lights, Aaron made a move that forever changed the course of our relationship. He took out a dazzling diamond ring and asked me if I would marry him. I was left speechless for a moment and all I could do was nod as tears streamed freely down my face. I gathered strength and whimpered yes. He put the ring on my finger, looked at me, smiled, got on his feet and gave me an embrace that I remember to this day.

Yan and I got introduced to each other on 23/4/2011. My friend and I had organized a barbeque party and we not only invited our friends, but friends of our friends as well. Among the people who attended was one Chinese girl named Yan Song. She came to give me a hand while I was busy grilling the food and no one would have thought this would be the foundation of a great relationship. Although I was hesitant to have her help me out at first, she was persistent and I couldn’t help but fall in love with her character and heart. Her smiling face, orderliness, and outgoing nature were enough to bring keep me smiling all the while. We exchanged contacts and soon, we were out dating. She impressed me and before the day was over, we had to have exchanged contacts.

As we went our separate ways after barbeque, I could not help but think about her. I thought about her so much that I envisioned myself in a love relationship with her long before I asked her out a week later. When I asked her out to Glebe Market the next week, she said yes and we ended up spending a pleasant evening together. After the Glebe Market date, we ended up growing our relationship over the internet. We became a couple on the eighth day of October I 2011 and moved in on 28/01/2012. When I moved from Wollongong to Narwee, I had very little information about how life with Yan would turn out. Today, I lack words to express how happy I am for the time we lived together. It was the pleasantries of living together with Yan that drove me to propose to her on 8/6/2013. The day coincided with her birthday and I thought this – birthday – was an important camouflage for my marriage proposal. I was sincere in my proposal and amazingly, it left her speechless as she accepted. I promised to love her every day of my life and I have been delightful to fulfill this promise every new day.