Statement of purpose — why do you want to study finance

Statement of purpose for apply to universities to study master of finance

The reason why I would like to pursue master of finance is that I want to broaden my skills of diverse areas of finance. I have studied many books of diverse subjects from portfolio management to personal finance management. Am as well a frequent reader of the economic journals and thus I consider reading many books of different subjects provided me with insights into areas not covered at the university such as understanding the impact of people’s culture on share price of multinational corporations such as Volvo motors. This are some of the factors that made me to study more in finance and the economic impacts on the living standard of people across the globe and thus it made me strong on my aspiration to study masters of finance.

The A level education provided me with strong foundation for majoring in finance at the university. Business study at A level enhanced my critical and writing aptitudes and I specifically had fun in the part of the course that relate to the manner to which the company chooses financial strategies and the manner to which the manager select the aspect that a company requires the most venture. My country has enhanced my communication aptitudes as well as self-dependence and as well made me more thankful and appreciative of other culture.

My part time job as accountant has broadened my knowledge and understanding and I now consider that in capacity of being an accountant or finance analyst in a company with large capital and revenue handling and due to the nature of the work, I have learned effective communication skills with my workmates and my boss. At place of work, most of the time was alone in the office and with the accounting workload waiting for my decision, I was in a position of using my own ideas as well as how to be self reliant in making decision which is vital if I need to be working in a competitive finance industry.

I take pride in putting more efforts in all I do, either at placed of work or at school since, I love what I do and I like being keen on time management in every aspect of life. I consider practically all the job I do at present to be in need of time and thus time management is important in everything I do. The nature of my work is very demanding and it has provided me with an extra sense of accountability but also a since of pride, accomplishment and greater gratitude for hard work which eventually made more established and reliable I do believe that during the course if my brief statement, I have persuaded you of my interest and commitment to pursue masters of finance. I strongly believe that I will be importance contributing to the university in research and extension and I am optimistic that I will get a chance of proof what I say by action and not only in words.