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3Statement of essay preparation

Statement of essay preparation

Pass Essay

This essay provides insightful information on whether or not stalking is a violent crime however the essay is not well structured and it also lacks coherence. The writer of this essay has failed to arrange his or her ideas in a structured manner and as a result it is difficult to comprehend his flow of thoughts. For instance, most of the paragraphs in this essay incorporate different and unrelated ideas, this leaves the reader confused. Moreover, this essay lacks coherence, the writer’s sentence structure, verb forms and the presentation of ideas is wanting. A number of details in this essay are not clear since they have not been presented in a logical order. In most paragraphs, the writer of this essay also deviates from his line thought and introduces new ideas that he fails to explain or connect with his initial line of thought. Structure and coherence are some of the factors that differentiate higher quality essays from lower quality essays. A high quality essay should employ a structure that effectively portrays the flow and interconnection of ideas. Furthermore, a high quality essay should be coherent, the writer’s line of reasoning should be easy to follow since the sentence structure and ideas are presented in a logical order. The knowledge gained from critiquing this essay will enable me to present my ideas in a structured and logical order when writing my essay. In addition, this knowledge will help me to carefully consider the verb forms and word choices that I use when writing an essay.

Credit Essay

The content of this essay is relevant and well structured nevertheless, the writer of this essay has failed to employ conventions of academic writing with regards to the introduction and conclusion. Personally, I find the introduction of this essay to be very weak. The introductory paragraph does not effectively draw or provide a general understanding to readers on the thesis of the essay. On the other hand, the concluding paragraph fails to effectively reflect or summarize the key ideas in the essay. What distinguishes a high quality essay from a low quality essay is the nature of the introductory and closing paragraphs. In a high quality essay the introductory paragraph should be catchy, it should point readers to the thesis of the essay and make readers feel like they want to keep on reading. The concluding paragraph should effectively capture and reflect the key ideas that have been discussed in the essay. The knowledge gained from critiquing this essay will enable me to write a compelling introduction that provides an easy understanding to the thesis of my essay. Moreover, this knowledge will enable me to effectively summarize and synthesize the main ideas of the essay in the concluding paragraph.

Distinction essay

Generally, the content and structure of this essay is exceptional, however the writer of this essay has failed to provide examples and adequate illustrations to support is statements. Although the writer has provided illustrations using previous theories and research studies, his definitions and explanation have not been effectively supported. A low quality essay is often characterized by vague and imprecise statements and ideas whereas ideas in a high quality essay are supported by concrete examples that enhance the understanding of readers with regards to the subject matter. By critiquing this essay, I have been able to understand the importance of effectively defining and explaining ideas in an essay. Additionally, knowledge gained from critiquing this essay will enable me to provide concrete examples so as to enhance the understanding of readers.