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Star Trek VI

Star Trek VI is a movie acted in the America setting in 1991. The film captures first episodes regarding the destruction of the moon. Praxis led the Klingon Empire towards creating a peace deal with the long-term enemies. The most important thing with the movie is cause of the war between two countries. The destruction of the ozone layer led affected the economic development of the Klingon Empire and it was time for the empire leadership to seek a peace deal with the United Federation of Planets. The negotiation between the two enemies did not succeed because the representatives of the USSR Enterprise were murdered before the negotiation was complete. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the movie using the three levels of the movie analysis.

Individual level analysis

Considering the start of the movie, the general of the military says that the president is not above the law. It implies that the president makes decisions without involving important organs of the government like the military forces before making a move. The first decision made at this point is about peace stability between the fighting enemies. The president has taken major decisions regarding the empire without considering its impact. For instance, the he has made the decision of engaging the military forces to go into war to protect their territory. However, the decision does not go down well with the forces. That is why the general says that the president is not above the law and should follow the laws when giving orders. It is necessary to understand the effects of the individual decisions before implementing it. In this case, the president opposes the decisions the general makes. At the individual level, the aim of the operation is to rescue the hostages from the enemy and fight to protect their territory. The first impact of this decision is that destroys the peace agreement with the international community. Also, the individual decisions made at this level affect the working relationship between the president and the military forces. For instance, individual generals in the military advocate for use of force to save the hostages while others disagree. As a result, there is a disagreement in the forces thus they cannot work as a team towards saving the hostages and their territory. Nevertheless, the military agree to the mission but with divided minds because others are going to revenge the death of their forefathers.

State level analysis

At the state level, the authorities that govern the decision making process include the president with his executive and the chief of the military forces. The factors considered in making decisions at the state level include the economic power of the government and the military power. In the movie, the law prohibits the president from making sole decisions. Also, the entire government must agree on the decision before embarking on it. Another issue depicted at the state level is the discrimination against women at the state level. For instance, the government has intentionally decided to sideline women in the society. It is because they are considered as incompetent to take competent position like in the military case. Klingon Empire wants to make a peace deal with the enemies. USSR Enterprise agrees and sends its representatives to set base for the negotiations. However, before the negotiations were complete, they were murdered and this sparked war between the countries. At this level, some decisions can improve the relationship between the countries. For instance, solving the conflict between the countries through negotiations could have improved the working relationship as well as improving the relationship with the international community. Also, creating peace with the enemies at the state level improves economic development because it enhances trade between the countries. In this case, war erupted between the countries as they were fighting for the territory and this affected economic because of the decisions made at the state level. On the other hand, the state can make a decision to enter into war with the enemy as seen in this case. The explosion of the Klingon moon Praxis posed a great threat to Klingon Empire because it had great benefits to the society. The Klingon Empire proposed negotiations at the state level and they almost reached an agreement until when they returned to their ship and the Enterprise crew fired it. Therefore, the decisions made at the state level influence outcome and international relations.

Global level analysis

The movie also shows some major decisions made at the global level. The aim of making of making decisions at the international level is to create good international relations. After explosion of the moon Praxis, the former enemies started to rethink about rebuilding their relationship. For instance, Soviet Union and Klingons sought to review their relationship though negotiation. In this regard, the movie is regarded as a world class film because it helps to create a positive working relationship. The explosion of the praxis affected the economic development of the states and not only one. Also, the decisions between the Klingon Empire and USSR Enterprise aimed at improving the relationship and stopping wars that has affected their economic development. However, the negotiations did not succeed because of the revenge and this affected the negotiation process. However, the economies should make clear policies regarding international relations. It implies that the best way to approach issues is through dialogue and not physical war. The decisions made at the international level influences the economic development. For example, it helps to promote international trade between governments as well as sharing important issues. Also, the international organizations are advocating for peace deal agreements with the aim of improving public relations and protecting the rights individuals. Most importantly, when solving international issues through dialogue, it helps to safeguard human dignity because it’s the people who suffer and the not the government. In this regard, the Star Trek VI helps to understand impact of different decisions made at individual level, state and international levels. As a result, it helps to improving critical thinking when making significant decisions taking into account the relationship with other countries.