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Sponsorship proposal for the Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club


This sponsorship proposal is aimed to connect our company (The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club) located in Australia with the Red Bull GmbH corporation based in Austria. We, as the (BSBC) believe that this commercial partnership is going to be profitable to both us and our corporate partner. The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) plans to use the solicited funds from the partnership, to expand the club by financing various activities of the club. These activities include organizing for more tournaments both both locally and internationally as well as recruiting more players.

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary

  • Cover letter

  • Sport property and Target markets

  • Promotional Plan, Benefits and Leverage

  • Budget, Investment and Evaluation

  • Marketing plan for the property and Inventory of Assets

Executive summary

The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC) is a basketball team in Australia that plays in the Womens National Basketball League (WNBL) Competition. It is located in the city of Bendigo in the central region of Victoria, about 150 kilometers to the north of Melbourne. The BendigoSpirit Basketball club, plays their local games at the Bendigo stadium. BSBC was founded in 2007 and has been growing and expanding since its foundation and at the present moment, the BSBC is proudly the largest women’s sports club in the entire South Pacific region. The club is working on expanding itself and organizing more tournaments and the recruitment of more club members. In order to be able to implement its objectives, BSBC is offering sponsorship opportunities to corporate organizations which are aimed at bilateral benefit. The Bendigo Basketball Club is writing to you (Red Bull GmbH) corporation to consider our sponsorship opportunity which we as BSBC believe would be beneficial to you and to us.

We are optimistic that our sponsors will benefit maximally from our corporation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Promotion through naming rights of the club which comprise the website, uniform branding and via the media.

  • Increased customer scope through promotions on the club’s websites

  • Publicity opportunities at tournaments and social events.

  • Recognition for partnering with a world renown club.

Branding of programs and functions with “BSBC corporate partner”logo which will be extended to clothing as well as resources developed.

The sponsorship package is a two level one:

  • The platinum package –AD 1.2,000,000 contribution (Open to discussion)

  • The gold package-AD 800.000 contribution. (Fixed)

In the platinum package, the partner accesses all the above 5 benefits while the gold package is limited to the first three benefits.

Cover letter

Sponsorship proposal to:

The Red Bull GmbH

May, 2016

The Red Bull GmbH corporation

Am Brunnen, 1

5330 Fuschl am See

Dear sir/madam,

Re: The Bendigo Spirit Basketball Club (BSBC)

We are heartily grateful for taking your time to read our sponsorship proposal. This sponsorship opportunity will bring our organization mutual benefits and also improve the relationship between our mother countries of Australia and Austria. Our basketball club is a phenomenal organization that has been growing exponentially since it was founded in 2007. BSBC prides itself in meeting its goals and objectives within the allocated time. We are a prestigious sports club well known for our core values of discipline, hard work and passion for basketball. We are looking forward to expand our horizons and take our organization to the international level by 2018 October and would love to cooperate with you. We have a well defined strategic plan that will guide us in the realization of our objectives.

The details of the sponsorship are attached and we greatly look forward to you coming down to our organization for further discussion about the sponsorship proposal. The promotions that your organization will get by partnering with us will boost the marketability of your energy drink through the benefits enclosed in the attached documents. Kindly, find enclosed every detail about our organization, sponsorship proposal packages as well as the benefits. We look forward to a favorable answer as well as a meeting with you..


Dr. Malel

Sports Director

Sport’s property and Target Markets

The Bendigo Spirit is the most successful player in the national women’s basketball league in Australia and the South Pacific as a whole. Since it joined the National Women’s Basketball League in 2007, it has won two championships in 2013 and 2014 ( Hajkowicz et al, 2013). The winning of these two championships boosted the popularity of our club both locally and overseas. It has a capacity of 2000 comprising of senior and junior players, including World Championship winners and the various levels of management. Since 2007, our long term and main sponsor is the Bendigo bank (Hajkowicz et al, 2013). BSBC has had a 39% percentage growth over the past 2 years (Hajkowicz et al, 2013). The club has a playing base at the Bendigo stadium and social bases in various places within Australia. BSBC has affiliations with learning institutions that have served as the source of the increase in team members. BSBC is known for its good organization and discipline whether on the pitch or off the pitch (Hajkowicz et al, 2013). The club has organized successful events in the past with outstanding success. These include the tournament held in 2013 which was an awesome success.

BSBC is looking forward to hosting more than one event per annum, whose promotions would greatly benefit both us and our sponsor. Some of these events include a tournament which we are going to host at our home stadium of Bendigo. We have invited and organized matches between different clubs both nationally and internationally. At this international event, we will promote our corporate partner through the branding of our clothing and decorating the environment with our partnership logo. This will bring awareness of the greatness of the energy drink by promoting it during breaks in which the players get to consume the drink. This will also help popularize the Red Bull energy drink among women, which is solely consumed by men in most parts of the world. This event will therefore help expand the consumer market of the Red Bull energy drink and remove the sexist stigma associated with it. At this tournament, we will also promote our partnership by making the Red Bull energy drink the only drink available and our players, team members and supporters will each have a T-shirt and pants with our partner logo.

Promotional plan, Sponsor’s benefits and Leverage

The promotions are going to be on events as shown above where publicity would be drawn to the sponsor’s product. This will popularize the commodity of our sponsor which is relatively not well known in the South Pacific yet. BSBC has a very well designed website with easy accessibility to a very high number of visitors on a daily basis. We will promote our partner’s business throughout the website as well, which will help market their product to potential consumers who cannot be at events in person. Moreover, we are going to do more promotions via our annual general meetings as well as the press. In any function we are going to host, our partner should be rest assured that their product will surely be promoted one way or another.

The sponsor gets 50% of all the cash we raise in tournaments, social events, and the money from website marketing and the press. Our sponsorship proposal is an equity and hence a win-win contract. Since we hope for more than a year’s time corporation with tour sponsor, we will be able to repay our debt within the stipulated time duration i.e. 2018. Of note, this time is flexible to change after a meeting with our corporate partner. The sponsor’s opinion is very important to us pertaining the two sponsorship proposal packages especially the platinum. This sponsorship proposal fits with our anticipated Red Bull GmbH organization in that their commodity, i.e. the Red Bull energy drink has not realized the popularity level it deserves in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere as a whole. Unlike the world’s famous drinks like Coca Cola, Red Bull energy drink is non carbonated and appropriate for use in sports. On the same note, the energy drink is popular among men in most parts of the world. Our partnership with Red Bull GmbH will help extend the popularity of the energy drink to females especially those in sports.Our partnership therefore, will not only promote Red Bull energy drink in the Southern part of the globe, it would also increase the number of consumers in the whole globe by popularizing it among women.

Budget investment and evaluation

The sponsorship package is spent as follows:

  • Tournament event: AD 200,000; approximated accomplishment time 2018 October.

  • Recruitment of 20 new players: AD 100,000 by 2018 January

  • Promotions: AD 200,000 should meet the expected goals by 2018 October

  • Construction of a new stadium: AD 400,000 should be done by 2018 October. This will serve as start up money, profits will be plowed to bring this project into completion.

  • Savings: AD 300,000

Half year evaluations of the progress of various projects should be done by the club’s audit assurance team.

Marketing plan for the property

Situation analysis: BSBC has been in operation for almost 9 years thus far playing as one of the three clubs in the Women’s National Basketball League in Australia. The popularity of basketball in Australia among women is slowly but surely picking up. The club has both local and international players. There is a potential for the expansion of the club both locally and internationally as the current international players act as agents in their home countries. Other local and international clubs could be looking for the same expansion path, no data on the local clubs has been collected yet.

SWOT analysis: Compared to other local women’s basketball teams, BSBC has an outstanding organization and discipline. Despite the barely 9 years of existence, it has realized the highest growth rate second to none of its competitors. Its international players, including the Canadian world champion winner, give BSBC a better competing position with an international recognition. The downside of BSBC is that it only has one main sponsor-the Bendigo bank. Our opponents have more than one sponsor. This might be a challenge for BSBC when it comes to funding. The fact that there is no better women’s basketball in the country than the BSBC. This gives us the upper hand in seizing the expansion opportunity. Our major threats are the Boomers, the men’s basketball ball club in Austrialia.

Objectives: BSBC hopes to organize and host at least 1 international tournament each year. Consequently, we look forward to increasing our capacity to about 3000 by 2018 which includes 20 new local and international players and personnel. Within the same time duration, BSBC hopes to increase its property in Australia by building another stadium big enough to host international matches. We hope to realize these objectives through electric promotion and advertising of our club both locally and internationally, especially after we get our target sponsor’s approval.

Implementation: Get approval from the Red Bull GmbH organization and consequently stipulate the terms and conditions governing our cooperation, i.e. Partnership duration, roles in the promotion and funding After all these, we finally kick start the partnership and set a half year review (Miner &Miner, 2003).


Hajkowicz, S. A., Cook, H., Wilhelmseder, L., & Boughen, N. (2013). The Future of Australian Sport: Megatrends shaping the sports sector over coming decades. A Consultancy Report for the Australian Sports Commission.

Miner, J. T., & Miner, L. E. (2003). A guide to proposal planning and writing.