Southeast Asia By Alissa Cannon Essay Example

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South Asia

There are a myriad of factors that are contributing to diversification in south East Asia. Diversification is the roots cause of many separatist movements in these nations of South East Asia. In south East Asia there are a lot of conflicts caused by ideological differences and cultural frictions. Other major source of conflicts includes ethnic, tribal and religious differences within the individual sectors. Bilingualism can also be a major contributor to diversification, given that bilingualism is a result of coming together of people of different cultures origin and languages. There is mixture of different cultures in south East Asia. The reason why bilingualism is common in south East Asia is because many emigrants from across Europe and Asia converged there bringing together different cultures and religions.

There are different factions of political Islam in the region which have made dominant Muslim religion and groupings less credible at home. The governance system in place is concerned with coming up with policies to boost the governance transparency, development and conflict resolution capacities for southeast Asian states that have challenges with terrorism. When employees coming to south East Asia for opportunities meet at the workplace they have to look for a way to understand each other especially when they are working in teamwork’s. Therefore, based upon many South Asian countries experiences of growth and conflict management as divided countries, and the current expansions of cities and other sectors, south eastern Asian countries should get fully into many activities to reduce conflicts and strengthen togetherness.


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