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Sources Investigator

(University Affiliation)

Question 1

The name of the source is Journal of Southern History; Feb2009, Vol. 75 Issue 1, p3 and it was produced in 2009 (Litwack, 2009).

Question 2

The author is Litwack, Leon a renowned professor with much interest in history; in fact he is an American historian, whose scholarship is based on slavery. Thus, born in 1929, and done much research on slavery, the author is well familiar with the event he is writing about. This is because he explores the journey of the African Americans since slavery to the present day of equality; though he claims inequality is still prevalent.

Question 3

The author is credible on his subjects as he cites various sources such as books, quotes from speeches as well as firsthand information quoting. Further, the author has done significant research on the topic, and as a professor of history, he has much authority with regards to narrating about slavery. However, there may be some potential biases in some matters as he tends to give one side of the story without necessary presenting opposing side’s, in this case the whites, point of view on the Civil Rights Movement.

Question 4

  • The strides made by the civil rights era since its inception.

  • The race relations in America.

  • The history of African Americans.

Question 5

The document was written to give an analysis of the racial inequality since the inception of slavery as well as the continuous fight for freedom for the African American. Besides, the document was written with the purpose of delineating the racial injustices being witnessed today despite the significant efforts made by the civil rights movement to reconstruct the race relations.

Question 6

It will significantly contribute to the paper on focus, as much history with regard to civil rights movement’s efforts in reconstructing racial relations would be cited from this source.

Question 1

The name of the chosen document is “The Negro as an American,” a speech written on 13th June, 1963 by the then head of Housing and Development in America (Weaver,1963).

Question 2

The speech was authored by Robert C. Weaver. He is qualified to write about civil rights advocates and their quest for a racially integrated community since he is a renowned professional as far as housing discrimination is concerned. Consequently, knowledgeable about the racially disintegrated society witnessed in America.

Question 3

Weaver is writing about the extreme social as well as economic poverty and racial inequality that is facing the African American. He posits that the Afro-American human rights should be accommodated in the American society as they have the right to live comfortably just like the White American. Besides, he argues that he is a model to the black youth and as such he advocates for the youth to look for ways that can help them to being accommodated in America’s main stream instead of finding methods of beating the status quo or system.

Question 4

  • History of racial discrimination in America

  • The African American struggle for social and economic independence.

  • The need for racial equality

Question 5

The sources contribute to the paper significantly more so in terms of the economic and social issues that has affected the African American since the slavery era.


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