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Strategies of Acculturation

Strategies of Acculturation


Strategies of Acculturation


When people move from one country to another, they experience the process of acculturation association with relocation. This therefore makes the immigrants to choose between the cultures of the hosting nation and those of their home country. In order to merge the two cultures, one should identify ways of creating relationship between the immigrant and the hosting country. In order to achieve this, the following strategies can be formulated so as to allow the Chinese delegation understand the practices of the company.

Provision of social support services at their places of work

This include emotional and physical comfort that is given to Chinese delegation at the place of work by the managers, supervisors and co –workers and also out of workplace support for instance support from friends, family and ethnic communities (Thomas, 2009). Studies have shown that social support provides a great impact on the acculturation attitudes of the Chinese delegation therefore improving their performance at the workplace. Immigrants who get a lot of moral support make them have more understanding on their jobs and it is easier for them to get more information concerning the organization

Language proficiency strategy

Language is one of the most important tools that can allow people to socialize and communicate. Fluency of language of the hosting country is very important predictor of the Chinese acculturation since this will enhance communication and increase the level of interaction with the employees in the organization (Navas M, 2012). Assisting the Chinese learn the language of the hosting country facilitates easy adaptation of the culture of the organization. It is through language proficiency that the Chinese delegation will negotiate sense of self worthiness across various sites and points in time and will also assist them in accessing different social network that will allow them learn how to coordinate.

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