Software Project Practices and Management Essay Example

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Software Project Practices and Management

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Question 1

  1. During project development, it is important to incorporate a Work Breakdown Structure to assign priorities to the functions that the system is required to perform.

  2. In context of the Software development cycle, it is true that the Waterfall model requires a close integration of the project team and the customer representative throughout the project, to ensure that the project team is able to keep up to date with the rapidly changing requirements.

  3. In software development, tracking is not viewed as a management activity.

  4. The yesterday’s weather approach is a helpful approach that aids in the estimation of the number of user stories that will be completed in an iteration of a project that uses agile method.

  5. PERT is an evaluation technique that is used to make allowance for uncertainly in the judgement about how long project activities will take.

  6. When a milestone is reached, there will always be a discussion with the customer to check on the progress of the project is true based on the milestone and deliverables project concepts.

  7. Always using the latest development technologies, to ensure that the developers’ expertise is at the cutting edge is not a major goal of any project.

  8. Good risk management must focus on both the likely occurrence of risks and the likely impact that occurrence of a risk will have.

  9. Quality reviews identify defects, by inspecting work-products in an orderly and rigours fashion according to a pro-planned checklist.

  10. McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is measure that compares the complexity of code with the complexity of the design.

  11. Reduce the scope of the project and postpone some functionality to future releases.

  12. The values minor, marginal, major, and catastrophic used to assess the impact of software faults are on a ratio measurement scale.

  13. One of the “golden” rule for good software development is that time, scope, quality and cost should be defined up-front and should not be change one a project has started, to ensure the project runs according to plan.

  14. Team members can generally be trusted to work without close supervision as long as they have a clear understanding of the requirements of their tasks.

  15. In relation to Quality Management, it is not true that a low quality process can conceivably deliver a high quality product.

  16. The main purpose of configuration management is to manage and control the change in the development history of a software system.

  17. It is false that tracking the state of a project is primarily aimed at making sure that the WBS was correctly determined.

  18. Based on the management of software professionals team it is correct to say that in an effective team, it is expected that there may be conflict, confusion, and disagreement, and these actually add to the team-building process.

  19. After completion of a project, it is not suitable to quickly move on to a new project, so that workers can face a new challenge.

  20. In relation to SCRUM, it is true that the features to be developed in each iteration should be determined at the start of the project, and should only be changed if the project is not going according to schedule.

Question 2

  1. There various accepts that a project manager should consider this are

  1. Business model- It defines the customer and their expectations towards the project.

  2. Requirements- Defines the needs that should be met for the project to run smoothly.

  3. Design- Defines the process through which project will attain the desired goals using a set of components.

  4. Implementation- Define the best approach to integrate the project and its expected functionality.

  5. Test –Provides the necessary information on the workability of the project based on the customer’s desire.

  6. Deployment – Refers to the various activities that make project available for the customer to use.

  1. There various forces that determine the delivery of a project. This are

  1. Time- Describes how long the project will take until completion.

  2. Quality-Define how good the project will be.

  3. Cost- Defines how much the project will cost.

  4. Scope- Gives a description about the project.

I will explain to her the various effects of the impossible constrains towards the performance of the project.

  1. Risk exposure is technique of determining how a given project is open to a certain risk. This is possible with the consideration of risk impact and probability. In order to determine the risk exposure in the above I will use the risk estimation scheme.

  2. Using the risk estimation scheme I would pay more attention to the risk item with Id’sR4, R1and R2 respectively. If we assign letters A, B, C, D and E numbers 1 to 5 respectively; risk R4,R1 and R2 would produce high risk estimation in that order since the multiple of the likelihood and the impact would yield high values.

  3. To deal with risk R4 members be should urged to maintain equality and promote teamwork. Developing an interface that typical users can easily manipulate will effectively deal with risk R1. Finally, to deal with risk R2 a new team should take over the project.

Activities on critical path are F and H

  1. A2Software Project Practices and Management

    Software Project Practices and Management 1Software Project Practices and Management 2Software Project Practices and Management 3Software Project Practices and Management 4Software Project Practices and Management 5

4 3Software Project Practices and Management 6

3 Software Project Practices and Management 7

3 7Software Project Practices and Management 9Software Project Practices and Management 8

  1. If any activity takes long it will cause the project not to be finished time as estimated

  2. Slack time affects the schedule by extending more time for the completion of the project.

  1. Product backlog- It refers to all the necessaryfeatures required to end the project.

  2. Sprint backlog- It refers to the set of functionality that a team can deliver whose decision is by assessing the business value of the functionality.

  3. Scrum master- Is an individual who motivates, guides and coaches the team to maintain it self within the target and the vision of the whole project.

  4. Daily Stand-Up meeting- refers to meetings held between a team to discuss the progress of the project and individual members efforts towards the aforementioned.


  1. The main pain point of the university is their poor access information system on their various degree program structures.

  2. In order to resolve the pain point of the university, I will create an application that will have its link appear on the schools main website. This application will run on both computers and mobile phones that are internet enable. The application will contain a search section that produces results of a given program that is being search.Each unit will be subdivided into groups that are elective, major and core. Each subgroup will have clear definitions of their respective sub units.

To analyse this solution direction we will perform a simple gap analysis using the KoSTanalysis to determine possible risks. The school has not informed me whether it is willing to incorporate my application on their main website for access. This might render my application useless if they do not agree to put it their main website. The school should contact web developers to integrate my application to their website, failure of which my application will not be applicable. For the involved stakeholders to access the application they should gain access to devices which connect to the internet and can install any web browser; failure of which my application will not be of benefit to them.

  1. A possible scope of my solution is that my application will cater for the interest of all involved stakeholders. Additional scopes includethe verification on time and cost of the project.

  2. Program clarification system

Software Project Practices and Management 10Software Project Practices and Management 11Software Project Practices and Management 12Software Project Practices and Management 13


Requirement analysis

Source code writing

Design analysis

Software Project Practices and Management 14

Software Project Practices and Management 15Software Project Practices and Management 16

Data analysis

Process design

I will use the waterfall approach to decompose the stages of my work. I will define the necessary requirement through a requirement analysis. Later I will jump into system design. Here in will define the data and process design respectively. In this stage, I will define data types such as variables. After the design, I will start writing the source code of the application. While writing the source code I will decompose the codes into subtasks that relate to coding of various modules.

  1. I will dedicate time to each element of the project for perfect execution and in order to meet the school’s satisfaction Carrying a requirement analysis will be easy as aresult; the expected time is two days. Developing both the data and process design is slightly complex than the requirement analysis as a result this will take mefourdays. Since I must clearly indicate and identify the data that I willuse. Writing the source code of the program is the most complex part. I must identify the various languages that I will use while writing the source of the application. I should also know the functions of each module in the program. In addition I should strategically define the best approach technical towards the developing the source code. As a result, this will take me a total of three weeksto completely finish my “Programme Clarification system”.

  2. I will take the first six days to carry the requirement analysis and design. This exercise will end up on 6th of December 2012. Due to fatigue I will take are rest for a whole week to compensate for my used weekend. I will resume work on 16thDecember and on the source code for the next four days. Then take an off due to the weekend, which I will spend with the family. Since the following Monday is Christmas I will not resume work until the 26thwhere I will work until the 28th and break for the New Year’s festival. I will resume on the 2nd of January 2013. From the aforementioned date, I will work non-stop exclusive of weekends until I finish the source code. After finishing the source code, I will carry out testing to identify any bug in the program.

  1. Functionality






Risk item

Likelihood (A-E)

Impact (1-6)

Poor electronic devices

Stakeholders unfamiliarity with the system

In adequate time

Lack of application hosting in the school site

Integration of the application on the schools website.

Lack of knowledge about the application