1. Problem domain

There is no an Online shop system that users in this case the traders. The traders need to have an online system that can enable them set up online shop and sell different items. There is a need for traders to have a system that can give reports in a graphic format.

Traders and online buyers

Information that need clarification

  • “People will look at it in awe” what will be the measure, who is the ‘people’ in this context.

  • “Nifty reports” this term is ambiguous

  • “Lots of graphs” is not a measurable term and it is clear which type graphs and what they will be about.

idea is sufficiently clear

-“cool, fast and very usable”– is a clear requirement that the systems need to be responsive and give quick results to the users. It should be user freindly which meas users should be able to use it without problems.

— traders being able to set up shop- this is a clear requiremnt or idea that the system should enable traders to set up shops on thier own.

Solution domain

  • Design an online system which enables traders to set up shops

  • The online system should be enable traders sell their products online

  • The system should be very fast, and easy to use or user friendly.

  • The user interface should be very attractive compared to other online shop

  • The system should be able to produce reports which have nice graphs

  1. Problem domain

The accounting system used by Mrs. White is slow and not user friendly. The user interface is complex hence users are not able to understand it. There are many irrelevant features that are not required by the current user. The system has problems with the reports because they are not easy for one to read and interpret them.

Mrs. White

Clear ideas

  • have reduced features that are needed by Mrs. White

  • improve the speed of the system

  • make accounting system easier

Unclear ideas

  • “Counter-intuitive” is the unclear idea I the system requirement

Solution domain

  • Designing a system that only offers much needed features by Mrs. White

  • The system should be user friendly and simple to operate

  • The accounting system to be designed should be faster

  1. Problem domain

MR. Brown has a challenge I finding car parking in the city.

The current payment system is frustrating because one needs loose change to pay with.

Swiping of the card is also another problem in the payment system of the current parking system.

Mr. Brown

Car parking agent

Solution domain

Designing a parking system that automatically detects free parking space in the nearest address of the meeting

The system need to have an efficient payment system

Primary users

  • Game players at the centre

  • Employees at the game centre

Secondary users

  • Game developers

  • IT support staff those who are in charge of ensuring the systems work

Tertiary users

  • The managers and the owner of the game centre

  • Game developers hired to make the games on behalf of the company

Vision for e-bay

For customers globally

Who internet business people

The e-bay is an online shop store

That enable internet users be able to buy and sell products and services online and it looks at commercial, payments and communication side.

Unlike Groupon Eyes which is based only in North America region

Our product deals in local, national and international basis

Vision Statement:

The e-bay is an international company which enables its online community to sell or buy any legal products online. It is a system with e-commerce characteristics and it is aimed at facilitating online transactions locally, nationally and internationally.


Zmud, R. W. (1982). Diffusion of modern software practices: influence of centralization and formalization. Management science28(12), 1421-1431.