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The domesticating theory is a theory that aims to identify some of thе different ways that innovators view technology through new inventions and understanding some of the misconceptions that are related to nеw techniques. Thе theory tends to display thе ease that the theory is useful to users on a global scale. Theory dwells on thе fact that there are always new technologies developing every day and people are also finding new ways to incorporate thе technology in their daily lives. The usage of the theory will also change, and people adopt new technologies relevant to thе needs. The theory was first designed to help people understand technologies and learning how to adapt to them in reference to new media technologies. However, time has evolved, and the theory is now used to help innovators understand new technologies that have come up before they enter most workplaces.

Technological determinism is a theory that revolves around new technologies that are the major driving factors within the society relevant to the cultural values. The theory also revolves around productive technology. As such, productive technology heavily influences the social structure of many communities heavily influencing the cultural structure and the cultural activities. Human lives are a pervasive community, and they will mostly be driven by fast-changing technological inventions within a given society. Other researchers have attempted to explain the theory in a wеll structured contemporary structure that seeks to embrace the behavior within a society. The method also aims to understand human history as it studies the areas where technology has evolved. There are many authors globally who seek to know the specifics of technology change primarily revolving around technology. Various insights have been adopted by the theory and there been attempts to understand why technology plays such huge role in changing society.

Engineers and innovators have work around the clock for decades to make technological inventions that are meant for practical uses within the community. Through the technological artifacts that have been developed, society has changed, and many of the artifacts profoundly influence the society. Technological researchers also change social and cultural values within the society hence leading to a study in the characterization of the different behaviors that exist within the community. The society is a complex organization that seeks to evaluate some of the ways that the daily lives are changed due to inventions. Relevant to this essay, the type of artifact to be studied is the mobile phone mainly the iPhone and its effect on the society vis-à-vis the two theories.

Theoretical Change in Technology; Domesticating vs. Technological

The new world has seen a transformation in the daily lives through such technologies like laptops, tablets and smartphones have led to the transformation of lives through communications technology. As such, they have changed the behavioral techniques in the daily lives of people. Such raises the need to have a study of the revolutionary changes that technology has brought in the human society through the two theories. There are researchers that agree on the idea that society has been modified socially and culturally especially through technology. Technology has increased the rate and speed with which we carry out the different activities. For example, through the various video platforms, people can communicate better without having to be physically present in one location (Chyi and Chadha, 2012). Insights offered by mobile technology states that the society has a much better chance to utilize the normal senses where they can relate better with the different platforms provided. Technology determinism also helps to understand the concept of technology simulation of the conscious self through the creative process. Such will contribute to a proper comparison of how and where the creative process of the human evolution is understood.

Technological determinism resonates on the fact that technological gadgets tend to replicate and exemplify the different ways that we view ICT information and communication technologies. The technology has hoped researchers understand the new century that helps understand relationships caused by technologies. Technological determinism seeks to understand the different individuals understand the reasons for extending their scope about the technology. Through technological determinism, there is the concept of new technologies that have been adopted by the ever-changing technologies. They help the ever-changing landscape as a platform that seeks to determine what ways are needed to incense the security; The technology has adversely affected the political devious made in most developed countries (Cornford and Klecun-Dabrowska, 2012). Political landscape will seek to understand what technologies are needed to help the political ties.

One of the iPhone tablets and phones like the iPad mini has small competing and educational apps to help with political platforms necessary for information and communication. Domestication technologies have helped with the different ways that the people understand the different techniques that help with comprehending the social changes in a community. Socially, there are a couple of the product helps the society to understand how influential it is to have proper navigation with what concepts need to be followed (Gómez et al, 2012). Through the domestication theory, there are a couple of items that need to be understood like the reasons how globalization affects a community. Technology has provided a platform where questions and issues regarding educational tools provided in the smartphones. Digital competence is a concept that is mostly related to the social and cultural values that exist within the society. Information and communication are linked to studies that show how ICT concepts are quickly adopted by the known users through potential studies that are relevant to the demands of a modern world.

The domestication theory is important since it helps with information and communication technologies becoming the central part of the family and household culture. Research has shown that through technology, there can be panic within the family structure, smart technologies like the iPhone and tablets are the triggers of possible conflicts (Ruthmann et al., 2015). Some disagreements may arise from technologies since techniques tend to change the different ways that people behave. Technology needs to compliment the way that communication has changed due to the various Medias that have resulted from economic, social and political forces within the society. The different source of information often reflects on the legal regulations related to social norms and market pressures. Research has been conducted and analyzed, and there is the need to have a platform for new technologies within the society, but there needs to proper control.

The relationship between technology and the daily lives that people live is important to understand especially related to the technology concerns that academics are a concern related to the broad range of disciplines and end-users of computer systems. For example, there is the need to have the learning field that seeks to understand the human factors (Pollit, 2011). Technology helps the different theories especially since there was the need to understand the human interactions between people and the technological artifacts. Computers and mobile phones seek to explain how essential it is to understand the importance of domestication and technological theories relative to the practical and spatial place especially regarding what is most relevant in life. Research shows that the domestication theory began being studied in the early 1990s to understand technology.

Social research has tended to focus on the impact of technology on the social structure of many communities while overly contemplating on the effects of technology on the society. The domesticating theory helped underrated the effects of technology through mobile phones and the iPad. Hierarch shoes that they are social interactions enhanced through the set of technologies that affect the society. Researcher shows that technology has become a part of life and the community hence the need to understand its effects on the society. Technology determinism has affected a multi-social society that is connected to a web or network combination. The technological helps to understand that there is the social context of use of mobile phones in the everyday daily lives. Technology determinism will also be affected by the need to have a platform where audience and media studies can interact on how it affects people in their daily lives.

There are beliefs that technology determinism helps to solve the issue that may affect technology from the point of view. Technology has provided exempts that may be relevant to technology in its adverse social effects. People with adversity reflect on the type of product that ethnic will embrace the concept to be understood (Matusik and Mickel, 2011). Such technologies are relevant to the understanding of technology provided within the timeline to be diagnosed within the world. Human activates are supposed to incorporate what type of social elements are possible to be accepted by the society. Through technology, people can determine what is needed to determine what kind of decisions need to be made and understood within the community. Theory in the society needs to be understood regarding what true of social and economic relationships are essential within the society. Known methods agree what effects affect what theories are part it sock platform, and they are acceptable not only to the modern society helps researchers understanding the historical aspects of the community.

Domesticating theory, researchers have a standpoint thаt needs to be addressed. For example, investigators of the theory seem to understand efforts of the relevant to the various needs of their community. As such the essence of having such a gauge risk with the technological aspect where people need to comprehend what concepts are necessary especially considering the needs of the society. The society has determined that technology needs to determine what gadgets affect the young people relevant to technology. Technology is such a huge part of the community since it helps to determine what prospects are necessarily relevant to the communication studies being conducted. On the other hand, there are several opportunities necessary for what can be termed as communication blogs through understanding what is needed to consider within the society. Technology is itself a driving factor that seeks to help the community in understanding what prospects are required within the society. Also, there are several connections within the community like how technology affects many chronic diseases like cancer. Technology has also helped the communication to understand the ways of preventive meant that necessary. Medical personnel has also incorporated technology as a way of treating the patients especially those suffering from chronic ailments.


Technology tends to show that there are different ways that the society understands technology and there are many that the community responds to technology. Mobile phone also assisted many organizations to reach out to their courier and provide quality services hence growing customer growth and gain more profits. The essence of understanding what concepts are necessary when learning technology is all about especially when considering the needs of the society. The theories studied often help to give research and scholars take the opportunity to understand effects of technology within the community. The essay has determined how crucial it is to learn how technology contributes to shaping the culture throughout history as well as the revolutionary standards through technology. Technology has helped the community in many ways, and the professional standards set by the theories are essential as depicted by this essay.


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