Social Work Research in Practice Settings Essay Example

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Social Work Research in Practice Settings

Social Work Research in Practice Settings

The research topic discussed in the British Journal of Social Work:

The correlation between adolescent-to-Parent Violence and adoption disruption requiring interventions in Australia

Who are the stakeholders of the Research Dissemination?

-General public

-The researcher

Delivery to:

Journal of Social Work,News program and Newspapers


The findings of this study are published in the newspapers, journal of social work and aired in news program hence reaches out to many people. The interested parties have the option of reading the online version of the topic in journals and newspapers hence increasing the rate of accessibility. The findings can be used for references in academic papers.

During research about the SACOSS and its mission I learned about mixed methods including interview and observation. I noted that social research such as criminology or justice quantitative and qualitative data which include number of detained and their behavior need to be determined when trying to solve the problem.

In addition, I learned that social data can be analyzed in many ways including statistical and thematic analysis. While statistical analysis enables the researcher to draw conclusion beyond available data, thematic analysis involves analysis of words, non-verbal cues and discourse.

Kelly Richards

Article title:
Children’s exposure to domestic violence in Australia.

What is the research question?

What are the measures which can help children exposed to domestic violence?

List at least two arguments from the literature review

-Violence affects the in various ways including physically, emotional and psychologically.

-Strategies to assist children exposed to domestic violence exist but implementation has been poor.


-The epistemology of this research is subjectivism

Theoretical perspective

-Critical analysis


Ethnography andCase study

Participant observationandsurveys

What are the research findings?

-The article established that children exposed to violence can get injuries or trauma during such acts.

Various laws can been used to assist children exposed to domestic violence in Australia including Crime Act of 2007, Children Act of 2008, and Family Violence Act of 2004 among others.

-Mandatory reporting and increased awareness as strategies for assisting children exposed to conflicts.

Critique of article

-The research of the same topic has been done before hence this study contributes little knowledge to existing literature.

Only few participants were selected to participate in the research. This is a small number which might not represent the truth.

— Survey sometimes is biased because the participants may not be honest based on emotions. As such, other methods such as interview and use questionnaires could be used.