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Social Technology

Ladies and gentlemen, it is evident that social technology has experienced tremendous growth in the last few years. Even as society impresses these social platforms, they have as well become a burden and a nuisance to some people in society. I am concerned about the Turkish government decision to ban twitter and this is the focus of my presentation.

Twitter is one of the widely social network platforms that people use to communicate and share on various aspects concerning them and things around them. The decision by the Turkish president to ban Twitter was received with shock among the citizens and the international community. Society at this age cannot deter or infringe on the freedoms of expression of its citizens. This contravenes the laws and should not be allowed at this time and age. The ban had an impact on the Turkish government as it aimed at concealing some of the evils and corruptions perpetrated by the government. To this end, banning geared to caution government officials who also are twitter users from public criticism. The decision was made hastily and it lacks any substantial weight to be enforced. People of Turkish have a right to communicate and even though by banning this platform, people can still use other platforms such as you tube, facebook and many others.

Social media at this age and time has become integral in our society as is used for various roles. Twitter is one of the social media platform and Turkish people use it to build relationship and to raise opinions on different societal issues (Wilcox & KyungOK Kacy, 2013). Users can communicate with each other and share on various issues they go through. In Turkish, people have used this platform to criticize government on poor governance and lack of will to fight corruption. The rampant corruption perpetrated by the government officials has seen taxpayers money end up in a few people pockets. People feel short-changed and the platform has given them an opportunity to boldly talk about these evils.

Twitter was used in different ways to pass across the message. People used texts, pictures, and cartoons to pass out their messages of dissolution. Messages used were very short but brief. Twitter has a word limit of only 140 characters and therefore, this requires precision when communicating. These tweets boldly required the government to take initiatives to end the stalemate in its government. Cartons as well as pictures also found their way in the heated discussions through these tweets. Cartons and pictures help one to communicate his or her mind. They are portrayed in a manner that enhances understanding. Pictures and cartoons require the receiver to make interpretation of what the sender meant. Therefore, the receiver must think critically to avoid misinterpreting the messages. Some of the pictures used by the users included those of the president portraits, fire, the picture, or the symbol of a bird that represents twitter and many others. In the context these were used, they enhanced understanding as they aimed at voicing/ protesting on the government attack on twitter.

In the case of Turkey, the people protested against the leadership of the day using social media. The government had failed to deliver its mandate and increased corruption cases led to wasteful use of resources triggering this protest. Therefore, as a strategy to avoid this and to destabilize the government, the president decided to ban this platform. People send messages criticizing the government and its officials through their tweets something that offended the leadership.

In lieu with these developments, these are the recommendations:

  • Enacting of appropriate legislation is necessary to guide use of twitter in future. This will avoid future interruptions

  • Regulations are necessary to ensure that users of twitter convey their grievances in a constructive way

  • Turkish government need to appreciate criticism. An office to deal with citizens issues need formation to help address their concerns through twitter to ensure that government move in the right direction.

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